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Handy Manny – Bunk Bed

you're watching Disney Junior on YouTube hello Manny hello tools mrs. Li I'm so glad you're here come on in my grandma is going to live with us grandma lucky yeah grandmas are great that's why they call it great grandmas you must be very excited my brother Kevin well can't Nilsson share a room with Stephen your brother Stephens room is too small Nelson has to share with you Kevin and when I was soo Nino a little boy I had to share my room with my younger sister Lola at first I didn't like it but then I found that it was muy divertido a lot of fun we played all kinds of games together you put all like having my own we all share a room and we have a lot of fun well manny visits Nelson's bed we can't get it through the door that's okay dusty will take like kama the bed apart all we have to do is loosen up some screws and it should come apart easily then we'll move the pieces one at a time I can lose money you should loosen the flathead screws first I need both of you at the same time Felipe you take the screws out of the footboard and Turner you take the screws out of the headboard like I said let's work together thanks Manny now it'll be easy to move the bed into Kevin's room sure I'll take the mattress thanks Manny it's always easier to move things when everybody has the stuffed animals oh no siento I'm sorry that's gonna be hard to move Thanks since we're all using the same door I have an idea what do we make a line and pass the toys into Kevin's room just a reminder it didn't work out so well with the pencils it's not a real alligator rusty okay as long as they aren't real animals efficient espacio there's not enough space we could put that big fuzzy bear back I don't think that'll do it bad we need Nelson's room for Grandma but I'm afraid this room isn't big enough for both Kevin and Nelson there has to be something we can do if we only had one Akama one day instead of two two birds take up too much space huh looks like Nelson is gonna have to sleep somewhere else I don't get to share a room with Kevin hmm I have an idea what if his diagnosis bad on top of Kevin's in Maine both bets into an elite era a bunk bed a bunk bed what a great idea well Bill Nelson one escalator a ladder that he can use to get up to his Karma but first we'll need some supplies to turn these beds into a bunk bed let's go to us thanks for watching now click left or right on all great shows or subscribe to keep up to date with the latest Disney jr.

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