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HANDYMAN PETE- San Pedro Skatepark- Part 1

this is San Pedro California wherever with the likes of Ronnie and well and so we're gonna do a little exploration with these guys and see what we can find out what I'm gonna do right now is I'm gonna I'm gonna show you around I'm gonna take you around we're gonna look in the park we're gonna we're gonna look at the concrete and try and see if we can find some of the kids here we're just gonna talk to them and sit and see what they have to say about the place I know you're not blind but if you're a blind you can be able to read a lot of things on the clock I've seen all kinds of stuff go on and all kinds of stuff what's going on right now is gay boarding a lot of pride in this right here well the older guys are met the a they leave the meth everywhere you guys come and clean it all up with one of the kids right here Ronnie when I first started taking care of this place these kids had a lot of information you know I listen to everything well what I you know I'd like a little refresher course on the history the first one was like like a little volcano fortified there's like a Jasher cover of they I don't know who got the doctor cover and then that got torn down and then look what they made right here made the first bowl second bowl in the third bowl and it's just it's finished keeps the kids out of trouble and it just it benefited me in the long run I wouldn't be nowhere I'd probably be a gangbanger if I wasn't here like I'd probably be one bad kid yeah they always do that we're trying to get stuff done I learned how to skate here learning how to drop in here I learned everything here because of this place I've gotten to see more places than like I ever thought I would when I was younger and speeding this place I never thought I'd be like this traveling in the world but that's just like people just pushing you and his honey just don't stop skating the proper usage of this section a lot of wiggling and demonstration what this is actually is uh it's boar hair or wild boar hair and it's come off a wild boar mainly the neck portion of the boar because it has a toughest bristle


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