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Handyman (ft. Kevin Vidal)

[Music] yeah i'm almost done fixing this i called a repairman what no why i i was almost done fixing this i could feel it you've been down there for three days what day what day is it hi come on in somebody call uh a handyman well i called a repairman i think at the wrong place no no no no i was just making it i'm just kidding just a little handyman humor for you oh fun did you like it i did yeah that was great yeah yeah what was your favorite part um the the joke good great come on in yeah what seems to be the problem so uh it's our our radiator um yeah i read somewhere that i think you have to you have to bleed it or something oh you want the handyman do the assessment okay sure yeah hey hey are you uh the radiator i'm just kidding just a little handyman humor there you must be the brother no i have a husband yeah oh wow congrats thank you yeah yeah he's good oh yeah he's he's good yeah thanks all right well let's get to it yeah i tried that did you try that yeah yeah you tried that didn't work what about this one over here yeah enjoyed that yeah yeah i don't know if if hitting it is is is what it needs i think there's there's probably something more well how many times did you hit it four times four times see that's the problem there it is yeah some sometimes it only works on the fifth ah yeah sorry sorry it's it's fine yeah i don't i don't know if if hitting it is is necessary let's give it a try let's give it a try give it a little try i like this guy come back yeah he's fine all right all right uh yeah two three five but it didn't work it did not work that didn't work again i i think that maybe there's something on the side that you can let it bleed out somehow you know what sometimes you got [Music] yelling at it to wake up they're inside the water water's inside oh the water is inside yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah it's cold and it needs to get hot yeah of course yeah i mean everybody everybody knows that yeah and that's what we're trying to do right trying to make it hotter yeah right okay let's check those bubbles yeah that's level yeah yeah okay the the there's actual bubbles in the radiator not in the level of course yeah yeah yeah hey yeah they're in there oh they're in there oh i see that now you're not seeing anything no there's no you're not sometimes you gotta sometimes you gotta hear it right you don't need to okay oh do you hear that i hear that you're not hearing anything because sometimes the bubbles are quiet yeah yeah oh it's so much better now yeah it's hold on yes do you hear that yes but is it still cold is it yeah yeah it's cold still yeah so hearing it's not doing anything yeah i think but do you hear it yeah do you hear it yeah do you hear it yeah do you hear it yeah do you hear it yeah do you hear it yeah do you hear it yeah you hear it stop it stop it stop it no you stop it too you stop it there's no beat boxing or rapping that is not helping okay sometimes sometimes sometimes you need choreography do you know how to you know you're not helping i need you to just fix the radiator make it okay hot i'm so sorry i'm sorry i'm sorry i'm sorry is there a bathroom on this floor yes there's one just over there okay because i'm gonna need to use it at that point i'm going to but you're being gross what you don't you don't know what i'm gonna do in there fine it's a poo i got a poo yeah that's what i thought and they've been bad oh thank you this is the kind of reaction that i'm that i'm trying to get from my wife you think that we can maybe just get back to the radiator absolutely i mean no more fun i'm not having fun great good great good neither am i let's get back to it okay have you tried singing the 1995 hit oh my god i'm just a girl by the two-time grammy award winning band no doubt yes have you heard i i know that song it's not going to help you don't do you know the band yes i know the band i'm just a girl and life is a nice man i'm just a girl i don't care that's not nobody can you both stop it can you guys just get the lever on the side turn it bleed all the water out so the air bubbles go out and then it'll be hot please um honey if you already knew all that why didn't you just fix it because i i think it's it's hot when you fix things and even just the the two of you you know full idiots just even trying to do it is oddly hot um wait so are you turned on right now kinda hey man i think you should maybe leave no he should stay okay hey good news don't have to use the bathroom anymore i do you yourself yeah i did i did kleenex i got a poo and a poo they've been good

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