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you if you're looking for a reliable professional and affordable handyman well you've come to the right place we're proud to be the top local handyman service and we're committed to creating satisfied customers no matter what type work you need done we can do it all call our email one of our friendly staff now to hire one of our professional handyman have you ever felt the frustration of trying to find a craftsman you can trust in your home Susie has Susie spends her morning's getting her two children ready for school and her afternoons helping take care of her elderly mother her mother is starting to have a difficult time going up and down stairs and she constantly worries that she could slip and fall in the bathtub meanwhile Susie's home needs a dory placed along with a growing list of honeydew items Susie know she needs to find a company that she can trust to help make her modifications to her in her mother's home so that they can live safely and comfortably Susie told her friends of her growing list of concerns and that's when one of them referred her to handy prowl handy pro was started in 1996 when one of the founders grandmother was having a kitchen remodeling project completed by a local contractor the contractor asked her for an additional two thousand dollars because he under budgeted the project and she never solve a contractor again Keith and Deborah Paul founded handy pro to help consumers from getting ripped off as their grandmother did each office lives and breathes our mission to provide unsurpassed experiences to our clients just like we help Susie and her mother we can help you at your home or business with services ranging from simple handyman jobs such as door replacement and painting to large home modification projects such as kitchen or bathroom remodeling wheelchair ramps and lifts and much more with handy prowl you have two guarantees one our arrival time guarantee so you don't have to wait around the house all day and one hundred percent work guarantee to give you a peace of mind that the project will be completed correctly you don't just have to take our word see when our past customers have to say about us we have reviews on Angie's List and better business bureau we also have testimonials listed on our website at handy pro built on referrals and inspired by trust since 1996 contact us today for your free estimate call our friendly customer service at 800 926 394 and email us at customer pro at handy pro com you you

800 926 394

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