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Barter San Diego handyman window repair 1

all right welcome to another barter San Diego dotnet video my name is Tom and here we're just going to show you give you a quick tutorial on what I'm doing here with this window okay I'm just gonna take a step back now I've already done an extensive painting job and installed a new laminate floor here in this bathroom and what I'm working on now is redoing the lake window jams ok now this upper window actually has a broken rope I'm not going to fix that because actually I think you know that's going to require too much that to take all this apart and really inside here is a weight and a bra and a robust like this and really have to take apart the majority of this Jam definitely this piece maybe even the front piece to access this plate and then get inside and actually redo that rope ultimately i think what i'm going to do is just make it so the window can be raised and lowered and really that's not even important for this video what I'm going to work on here is actually painting this inner peace which actually was painted in a very high gloss paint so you know whenever you come across a high gloss finish you have to do some kind of sanding or declaw singh they make a product called a deep glosser and the degausser is like a liquid sand paper so you can look for that at home depot under d-gloucester or liquid sand paper people in the State Department will know you know but since I don't have that I've actually taken a piece of sandpaper and I've lightly sanded all the edges that I can reach ok so I'm going to top coat this top coat the inner peace here and since I'm going to be using the top part of the window and using the bottom as a shield so people can't see on the toilet okay I'm actually to keep the bottom we do down and have it sets to the top window raises and lowers okay and you know I'm going to actually paint these jeans now whenever you paint these jams you always worry about the windows sticking and doing all kinds of funny things there's a little trick you simply you don't want to use wd-40 or any kind of lubricant like that but you want to use something like a furniture polish so I've actually got furniture polish in the liquid form and I'm going to lightly coat all these jams once they're all painted they'll get coated in furniture polish and that will actually help these windows slide up and down freely for a very long time and it will keep by the tackiness of the paint from adhering to the the other surfaces of the slidable windows so I hope that's a little informative will come back here after this is all done we're all attached some little photos of a finished work if you're looking to border in the San Diego area for just about anything come to a barter San Diego net love to chat with you thanks


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