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Makita 6271D 12V cordless drill switch replacement repair I Handyman

hi fellas and once again we are starting with the mug of good coffee and the cordless drill makita callers drill and it's a 12 volts nickel cadmium 1.3 ampere hours drill and the problem is not working and we can see that it's set on a drilling mode so i suspect that the motor is booting out because when you put the drill in direct mode you're gonna have protection on the gear i see the clutch and yeah and now they're explaining it you cannot hear that tick tick tick tick tock sound that means the leaf spring inside the housing is broken or missing okay the first thing what we need to check if the drill is not working of course the battery and it's a 12-volt battery so it will be good if it's shows 12 11 or a little bit more walls yeah now it shows 9.05 that's not very good for this battery but normally it will work a little bit okay now we need to open the drill of course for that we need to unscrew the screws here and what can we see here we can see the switch the motor of course we are inserting the battery in a drill taking our multimeter now we can check if we have the current here here we have it and of course we can check if we have another current on the motor and now we don't have it so you can suspect that this is the switch problem i'm just removing the water from the garage here and checking for the switch here and yep the switch is not working so we need a new switch for this one okay i will get it okay go the switch here so six five six seven two minus seven and we can pack it and what can we see here we have under the chords here that means we need to solder the terminal for the battery we will do that now and of course we need to change the wires here okay what i want to do now i want to get this wires loose and check them by connecting them to the battery i want to connect the motor directly to the battery to check it if it's really really working because sometimes you will not have the coin out from the switch because of the short connected motor okay it's uh if it's a plus some minus yep the motor is spinning of course the battery is almost empty so so the motor cannot bore good we can try it again and it rise to about and okay the battery shows it's really sad that i don't have the charger for this one and it's only 2.4 volts there's no way it can work here okay that means our switch is bad so i will solder the wires and it's a really big mess made here so i won't just remove all the wires from here [Music] okay just removing the material we have the holes here to put the wires through it okay now we have prepared our motto just throws all the old wires and we have the red dot here that means we need to connect the positive here small wire here okay just getting it to the hole okay i think it will be fine here now doing same with the negative just getting it through the hole okay now we need to prepare other end i brought down there is the the red one and the black one because it's really important here just getting the wires holding here it's a little bit hot okay i will iron it out of camera to not waste the video time okay just go that dirty job done and yeah now we can start to assemble the drill itself what we have here we have the motor we have the gear rc just getting fed up motor gears okay it's good now of course almost forgot about the spring here it's missing i will okay i will find it okay find the spring it's a gold two three two one eight two minus two and ghost i don't one euro maybe less yep and that little spring is really really important for the drill i will put a wire here getting everything in the places getting the wire here about uh okay the positive here is on a battery so we need to get the red one up so the red goes up it's really really important because you will you will burn the switch out if you will put it in a different direction and now it's good course the motor will not spin because the battery is empty but i believe it's good [Music] and yep i need a charger for this old batteries honestly they are really rare in repair shop okay now i need and it's one screw missing and yeah now we have changed the switch for the drill six two seven one d it's a really nice drill really common ten years ago okay okay maybe five years ago it was common drill now they are out of business because of the batteries now all the batteries is neon and so on and so on okay that was easy repair the replacing the switch and yeah if you have questions just write on comments you can write on a private message just on the channel messages of course you can write via email you'll find it for the contact section in the channel info okay for now thank you for watching my videos and see you next time bye


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