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EPIC DIY Room Makeover / Transformation (Studio Room Makeover Part 1) | JENerationDIY

What up hooligans it's Jennifer and welcome back to my channel and welcome back to another room Makeover series on my channel you guys really loved my makeover series where I made over this room But this time I'm taking on a much bigger project. So this time I am making over a room in my house That is really big and it's currently empty and I want to transform it into kind of like a studio filming room Craft room but also feels like a living room so I can just like hang out there and do my thing It was especially stressful because I only had less than two weeks to finish the room sounds like a lot But I'm very slow at doing things. I also have no knowledge of interior design All my knowledge is from Pinterest. So this is the first part of a three-part series in this episode I'm gonna be showing you guys all the basics that I did to my room the painting the furniture building Basically all the big stuff in the room in the second episode I'm gonna be showing you guys how I Decorated the room as in room decor and I'll be putting in more furniture and in the third and final episode I'm going to be showing you guys some DIY room decor that is all from the dollar store And also I'm gonna be showing you guys my final room reveal I'm excited for you guys to see this journey because it has been one wild ride if you like this video make sure to like it not just emotionally and subscribe if you haven't already and you like my videos and also make sure turn on that notification bell and if you do Press that notification bell and comment down below You might be featured as shout out of the week at the end of my next video without further ado Let's get started with the room transformation.

Hi guys, welcome to the room as you can see It doesn't look too great right now, but I'm trying to fix that obviously basic Diagnosis right now. It's very yellow. So this is what the original room looked like As you can see it's this kind of like weird beige. Yellow color that I just I don't prefer I'm more of like a bright white type of gal and especially if I'm gonna film in that room I need a nice color so that when the light reflects off of it, it doesn't look weird in videos It's also a pretty big space. So I knew I could do a lot with it But it also meant that I had to do more to it too. To decorate to put in furniture painting wise everything just had to be more which meant more time which is one thing that I didn't have also if you can see there's like Pictures all around and that's because this room used to be just like empty We never used it and then on my 20th birthday Which was like a month ago my friends and family threw me like a surprise birthday party So all those decorations are still up that would be the first thing I would do take down everything in this room That doesn't need to be here but there were two specific areas in the room that I had to Tackle because they aren't really things that you find in a normal room right here.

We have a Wood paneled wall. I don't know if I want to leave it as wood paneling or if. I should like paint it white So I guess we'll figure that out as we go There's also a mirror here and I don't really know what I want to do that either because if I do end up filming here You'll be able to see the camera in the background I think it might actually be a good idea to like take out the shelves and Put in my like gold play button another problem area is right over here This thing is like my main concern I wanted to make this wall can it's like my backdrop wall But I do need kind of like a flat surface and there's these I don't even know what to call these These are like Windows.

I guess they look like prison bars. Basically, it's what I'm trying to say yeah, I have to figure out a way to either cover these up or Work with it. So I'm gonna have to consult the experts Okay, my dad who is not actually an expert, but he's more expert than me So, oh also this thing which is a I guess closet Inside is kind of like, you know, I'm Harry Potter he lives under the stairs This is kind of like that little area Except I want to you know upgrade this so it doesn't look Messy, and I want to use it as storage but obviously not like this we want to make it into like a nice little space that like Harry even Harry Potter would be proud of looking in that is Something of a tackle. So there's a lot of stuff we have to change in this room So obviously the first thing I need some water You girl over here is dehydrated. All right. We're back on track So the first thing I had to do was take down everything from the walls all the decorations.

I also have to clean out the floor area Make sure that nothing was in the way of me painting and if you do have a lot of furniture in the room Make sure to move it either to the center of the room where the paint won't be able to touch it or move it out Of the room if you can which is the best option. Okay, so I decided I wouldn't call it a break Okay, so I took a little break Actually, I don't know but basically there were these seats in the room from back in the day when there was a little bar in The room and we had these like long seats These are those cushions from the seats and I decided to have a little like sliding Party action, but it didn't really work.

So I Gave up on that dream after I cleaned the room. It was ready for the next step Hi guys I picked up my paint today, I'm hoping to get one coat of paint done Yeah, so that did not happen like at all after that My dad came into the room and told me he had a solution to one of the problem areas in my room I don't think you can (Dad) it's just fine. (Jen) But this whole thing is one piece He basically figured out a way to patch up this whole prison wall Situation, which was not welcome in this room shouts to you dad He basically knocked out that front portion of the prison bars that was protruding out of the wall. Oh my god Whoa, almost died right there It's basically this like strip of wood and he just knocked it out so that it was level with the wall well I definitely did not expect this problem to get fixed so easily and so quickly on the first day now We just have to like fill it up with a wall or drywall to patch it up so that I have a flat surface The next morning I woke up to some happy news this morning and I woke up to this part of the wall being finished As you can see it's a like patched up and everything.

He just filled it with some like wood. I Really don't know what this is So I'm not gonna pretend like I know yeah Basically, it's ready to be painted over so to prep for painting obviously you want to lay down some painters tape Which is what I did I laid it on the edge of the floor close to the wall All around the room and besides my giant window and anywhere I didn't want to get paint basically I also laid down some newspapers to protect the floor. I've also recruited my friend Caitlin oh no and she's gonna help me see it. I'm hoping to finish painting today. No. All right guys Everything is laid out on the floor. Now. We have the newspapers now. It's time to paint here are 4 gallons of paint That's really heavy to carry because I am the zero muscles, but let's open it up and see what color it is It's gonna take me a while cuz I have no muscles I Don't like to brag but I'm a little bit of a bodybuilder, you know Don't look actually we love a queen who can open a paint can Wait, I got it I got okay first paint dip let's go We love sound effects true here at Jeneration DIY.

Oh That's actually not very good but practice makes perfect Looks like tire marks No Good patch right there. Okay. Well moral of the story is don't let me paint your walls. Well, you're gonna have to help me paint the entire room So if you need to reach up high areas wait to that don't make no sense, so if you mean mmm I Think English is like not Available today. So if you need a paint higher areas of the room, you can actually attach your roller to a broomstick I got this broomstick from the dollar store and it's plastic which I would actually not recommend getting a plastic one because that Can happen it broke.

I love my luck. We're almost on the first coat and We just have a couple more places to go I'm going to keep saying that we're like almost done the first coat. But like it just keeps going Yes, so I just had a revelation of design. No, I'm trying to paint everything white I think it might be a little bit boring. So I want to add some color, but I don't want to like add it to the walls Just a bigger commitment So I feel like I could do some accent doors paint it like a cool pastel color Blues. Yeah, and I also want to add clad so I think like But I feel like if I did pastel people with like palm oil impact sides, yeah, I Mean hopefully like what's next more? Oh, really? Yeah. I mean I want to finish like painting the white today again No, so hopefully I can paint the doors tomorrow.

That's still And then I have to figure out this wall. I guess I'm just gonna sand it down and then like paint it white so I was super indecisive about whether or not I really wanted to paint at the door and if I was going to paint the door what color I wanted to paint because I feel like Once I painted the door It would determine the whole style of the room slash the color palette that I was going to have to go with But in the meantime while I was thinking about what color I should use I decided to paint this Closet door white because if I left at Brown, it kind of just wouldn't be cohesive with the room So I just sanded it down and then started painting it white.

I kind of wanted it to have this like rustic Look, I don't know if I succeeded but that's what I was going for So I didn't paint it completely white and it wasn't to careful about painting just because I was okay with having a couple patches here and there since I Was painting over that Brownwood closet I decided why not paint over the wood paneling as well because why not? I'm already doing it to one area of the room.

So that's how I decided to tackle the second problem area of the room what I did was I just sanded down the entire thing just so that the wood stain doesn't seep into the paint next I recruited my dad to come help me fill up the grooves in between each wood panel, and that's just to make it easier when I paint or When he paints so you just took some wood filling and basically just filled it into all the grooves once that was dry He painted that over with some good old white paint So since I was planning to paint the door a color I needed to actually paint it white first so that the color would actually Show up and it would pop so I painted the door white. Actually, my dad painted it white Thanks, dad so this is the completed painted room all the white paint is on and It looks clean and fresh and I'm very happy with it the next day I headed to the paint store again to pick up my colored paints for the doors.

Hello guys So I decided to paint my doors yellow and pink, which I might regret so right now we're at the paint store and we're gonna pick up the paint and kind of Pick like what shade of yellow and pink? I'm gonna get I'm thinking kind of pastel, but we'll see. Hello guys I'm here with my mother. I'm thinking spiced butternut for the yellow I'm going like Rose-pink. So they're kinda like pastely. This one is more bright than this one. I think I think we're gonna look really good. So Hi guys, I'm back home now and I am ready to paint this is the door that I'm going to paint So for this one, I'm gonna do Yellow and this is the yellow color right here.

black acrylic paint

Let's get started Hi guys So the door is not dry But I think I I think I may have made a bad decision It's like so yellow. It kind of looks like a minion came in here. Just like barfed all over the door. I Don't know I hope it's just because there's nothing else in here right now, that's why it looks so a place Right now so because I was already feeling on the fence about this friggin bright yellow door I didn't want to complicate my feelings more by adding a pink door, which was my original plan So I decided to just leave that other door just white I'm very happy that I made that decision so I had this vision of how I was going to fill up that giant wall that was in the room and That was by using a pegboard and I've seen peg boards all over Pinterest for years and years and years and I've always wanted to do it but it seemed like a Very hard project it definitely did take some time because I wanted to build myself a custom pegboard The reason why I love peg boards so much is because they're so flexible to different designs You can just stick a couple pegs in there and it's a whole different look you can put shelves on it You can decorate it.

You can it's just all cool. I just whip when I feel awkward, so So to start off this project I went over to Home Depot and I picked up a 6 by 3 foot plank of wood To figure out where I needed to drill my holes. I used a tape measure and measured out Approximately 10 centimeters apart and kind of marked where that was along the plank of wood you want to mark the top bottom and both sides and then you just want to connect the marks that you made so that you Create a grid so once I finished that grid pattern I realized that if I drilled where the lines crossed the holes would be really really close together and It's not the look that I was going for. I wanted it to be kind of like a giant pegboard So instead of drilling every single place where the lines met I decided to drill every other spot where the lines met and I also wanted to stagger the holes so that So I just took a pencil and I marked all the places where I needed to drill my holes So onto the drilling part, um Here's the thing.

My dad is super super helpful and helped me so much with this room Basically, every time I was like I want to do this he basically helped me do it This is not even like this shouldn't even be my channel anymore. It should be Daderation DIYs Anyway, the point is my dad helped me tremendously and for this paint board I guess he forgot that I needed to film it and did this before I woke up and before he went to work? So he tried to film it halfway through But his YouTube skills are not quite there yet So he it just the clips in turn out that well, I'll show a little bit here But it just it's not up to jeneration DIY standards So I'm pretty sure it's obvious what he did But I'm going to show you exactly what he did just in case you need a little further clarification, basically We took a 5/8 of an inch drill bit and put it onto the drill And basically you just want to drill that hole through the wood and here obviously I'm demonstrating on a spare piece of wood You want to drill through all the X's that you made on the board where you want it the holes to be at this point All the holes were completely drilled and then you want to erase all of your pencil marks If you're not gonna paint this I would recommend that you do this I was gonna paint this so it wasn't really necessary But just in case I decided to erase so to hang it up on the wall We needed to add a little wood backing just so that it wasn't directly against the wall since my wall is drywall You can't actually attach this board onto the wall without the whole wall basically like falling off so what I needed to do was insert these drywall inserts that would basically The screws so that the wall would not fall off and the board would not fall off the wall So we put those inserts into the wall we took up planks of wood and placed it over the Inserts, and then drilled into the wall where the insert for this part was actually kind of complicated But I'm not gonna bore you guys with the details So this whole pegboard situation was just really stressing me out because at this point I had passed one week into the process and I only had a couple days left and I just I was sure that I wasn't gonna finish and I was just starting to give up and had kind of like a mental breakdown.

It was just not an easy time for me But life goes on my life is not gonna end because of one single pegboard, maybe two pegboards, but none not one Okay So I push through it and after that we attach the pegboard To the wood backings by nailing some nails into there After those nails were in I needed to fill those nail holes slash cover the nails because I was going to paint over them So I took some wood filler and just filled those right up I waited for those to dry Sanded them off and then began to paint. Guess what color I painted it White, is it really a surprise at this point? So I just want the head with my roller and rolled over that an entire pegboard? After the pegboard was painted I needed to make some little pegs for myself I got some McDowell's from Home Depot that were eleven sixteenths of an inch And this was slightly bigger than the holes that we drilled which were 5/8 of an inch I cut the dowel into approximately five inch pieces and I just used a bandsaw for that.

Is that a bandsaw actually? That is not a bandsaw. I just used a circular saw for that I mean not I again my father once they were cut I realized that these actually were slightly too big for the hole I originally got them bigger just so that it would be tight, but it was a little bit too hard to get in So we ended up sanding down the ends just a little bit so that it could fit in To the pegboard holes and would be able to stay there and it worked I also needed to create some shelves so that I could put it on the pegboard for this I got some 4 by 1 inch wood from the hardware store I cut these into two lengths one was 30 centimeters and one was 50 centimeters Depending on how far apart I wanted my pegs to be on the board.

So somewhere shorter somewhere longer And again, I used a circular saw for this and now you're pretty much finished You can just put your pegs into the pegboard and then put your shelves on and you can also hang stuff from Individual pegs, the pegboard was definitely the biggest DIY project that I have ever done in my life So that was super stressful and that was my main concern for the whole room Basically because I like fills up like a quarter of the wall space of the entire room But after we finished the pegboard I was feeling so much better about the room because I meant that I was pretty much Halfway done the room and I was almost done with the base of the room so going back to that little Harry Potter under the stairs space that I wanted to create a closet storage space for what I ended up doing was My dad actually helped me do this But we just made some shelves on the side of the closet just so I could you know store stuff That's what shelter for.

I know I'm explaining this even though the shelter great I did not think that they would be enough because I have so many craft supplies and I decided that I needed something with drawers I got this dresser from Ikea its the Mamluk dresser and I got my friends to go pick this up for me because I was super busy and they were super helpful and Thank you friends, so yeah, my friends helped me build the IKEA dresser I actually love building IKEA stuff I think it's really fun and therapeutic and just enjoyable I know some people hate it but I love it. Am I part of the majority or minority? I have no idea after we were finished assembling the drawer We just put it into the closet and by that time the shelves were also done So our little Harry Potter spot is complete, and I'm so happy with it I've never had an area specifically for all my craft supplies and Somewhere that is definitely big enough for all of my supplies because I have so much stuff You have no idea and I love that It's like kind of closed away and you can't really see it because there's a closet door because it I feel I'm feeling it's gonna get messy because that's just the type of person I am and The last area of the room that I had to tackle before decorating was that weird like glass shelf area? within the original wood paneling and I mean so my plan was to place my YouTube awards there the gold play button award is Very big and it was not gonna fit there.

If we'd left the shelf there. The only way to take the shelf Is to smash the glass. So guess what we ended up doing Smashing the glass, okay After that was done I painted it white I mean, I feel like we see a trend here like do I even need to like keep saying it like you already know? What's gonna happen? Hello. It is the next day and it's selecting this room. I need to fix that So to cover this mirror because I want to be able to put my YouTube alerts on here and not have it be Reflective I'm gonna cover it up with some white contact paper So after I covered the entirety of that glass panel it was looking good It looked a lot better than it used to but I felt like something was missing It looked very plain and very simple and so I decided to spice it up a little bit and I've seen mr Kate do this and I thought it looked really good what she did was basically Polkadot the wall.

I've always wanted to try polka dots on a wall, but I've never wanted to commit to like an entire wall so what I did was I took some black acrylic paint and I took a paintbrush and basically just created some random dots and Little strokes on the contact paper making them kind of uneven because that's the look that I'm trying to go for I think the result is really really cute. I'm obsessed with it My brother doesn't necessarily think so But he also doesn't really like any of the things I make. We love a supportive brother And the final touch to this little framed glass area. I don't even know what to call it.

Like it's a wall. It's up Mmm, huh the final touch that I have to add to this space obviously were my YouTube awards so I put my big bold one up there, which is for a million subscribers, and then I put my Silver play button on there which was for a hundred thousand subscribers still every time I look at these I'm just so thankful like you like Sometimes I'm I don't know dude. I'm just I'm just Hashtag grateful and that's basically it this is the base of the room Obviously it is not decorated at all.

But this is what I'm working with and I'm so happy with it I think it's looking a lot better than pour Let me show you guys some before and afters because I know you guys love that and that's like my favorite part as well As you can tell it's a lot brighter whiter than before It's a much cleaner and fresher look, obviously There's still a lot of room to be upgraded because I haven't put in like any real furniture yet but you guys will see in the next two videos how I decorate and I'm so excited because the room is actually Finished and I think it looks so Good And I'm so excited for you guys to see the final result and how I decorated and how you guys can kind of like recreate my Let me know what you guys think of this transformation and if you guys are excited for the next two videos to see how This proceeds I feel like I'm using a lot of big words in this video like am I smart or something? Thank you guys so much for watching shout out of the week is right here.

And that is pretty much it I will see you guys in my next video, Bye!.

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