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The handyman of Minecraft for NOOB Cap 1!

Hi everyone, I'm a good 12-year-old firefighter and I'm going to go up in the chapter of minecraft good minecraft for an amount for a no sorry but with having facebook and well this was how I was thinking about upload a chapter of minecraft but had planned to upload one of a in fact people said that I can't do and well, I have thought of an idea how is going here to play but lan how to say what it is to not feel bad, stop constructions made by one the things that are happening and well I I am building and surely they are all bad but good since I can not play any mode because I do not want here, you see the little that was played in a mode could no longer so good trying to make a stone trampoline do not have and good looking to see how is it going is [ __ ] there they are with the [ __ ] stone and if you put it on one side that is in another who fantasizes is coming such rested from but let's see how the trampoline comes out I mainly like that I do not get [ __ ] I am not doing this we put to do it wrong, I don't do it good, I'll surely do more things ahead in a game like formula 1 that I've been giving the pain that I'm going to assume and in the end I do not think that it adds it because it applies to me by itself approaches the playstation 4 not the t4 not worth it I only leave at four and there is already grave quietly so I wanted to upload minecraft I had the doubt that I would upload somehow colom not sure in the end because I don't have a computer to record this and let me play on some structure structure by some for a no forgiveness I don't think they are all like them by hand then it is written, the series that I am doing will insist structures and buildings nonsense like this I'm going to do but I will upload pictures of the building plan and I do so, he commented on them here balls favor in the stars with ages so now the video and i will commenting because it is shown that with the recorder that I have now the image does not record me much faster than my voice so well a third of nothing that I knew the things that you had decided here you are seeing how it is already a you really call me complication It's a h and he said look, I'm going to decorate it in green Although it does not make any sense just as bad but I go why not although we are seeing how I am looking half bad but ay you will not hear the cry surely why not but I fit everything because I know you can use the creative fly option of which I am so dumb That is not there, he is not worth it because I am and was about to hit less than the fourth century thinking not to raise the stairs again because there is this place and well there as a kind of like extra blocks so as not to fall mainly at that time I thought for make it nice but I don't wear it won't make me fall to the ground because the water part will end what follows but a springboard if the water is to say you where is the grace more or less I calculated three blocks below the ground I did not want to calculate more mainly because there is a revenge d that afternoon is seen in the video almost a day of minecraft finds this that surely someone who is no longer an expert but whose creative piety would have been done in nothing surely nothing but good I am that bad I am not to blame but here I already said or more like this if I can fly here because I wanted to cover it in one way or another I did not enter that at first I did not know why cover it but And how am I not going to get the hole out of your mind? I turn on the little light from nothing more or less keep digging a little thinking to do more things but I didn't want to give the pain I have already spent almost 7 minutes of video also commenting on it for me it is for me I liked it very much but everything is going up in stone stone to stone by stone stone is performing the water stone stones stones and all the weather and in fact the water and I said well it does not take up everything here I think not here and he will put it on the stones the insurance covered also since in front it had made by time to try nothing will happen I'm going to take it so that it looks nice to enter the castle here it is surely going to have put a text but in the end it has not given me here I keep climbing the stairs being able to fly why up I say I'm going to test it in the water well there as I said I have thrown myself nothing happens undead wants to die but hey since at night I'm going to paint green that in principle he is only going to paint this part he was not going to paint more and more put greener but I said the [ __ ] I'm going to keep painting three blocks like in the back door the back sorry with sauteed 1 and 1 and pass me and also a good time since I already did it flying and at least I surpassed myself in the sense that I will not be jumping on top of one block or another what will I have in mind is going to be for the next chapter as I also have happy will be happy and I don't know what else I also have now times of blood that good there are many but good ah I have interest just here as if I had to approve it but third party does not pass and well I'm still [ __ ] on everything because as I know I got the idea and I didn't want to go back is saying [ __ ] the [ __ ] I have to do all this clear example of normal swing I'm going to remove a piece of stone to see if it happens something with many blocks does not or you will see it and surely from now on the I will comment on videos, I will not do them as I did before in plan Then I'll talk because you know everything that you are a [ __ ] [ __ ] It can't be that I know that the image is like a thousand times faster or faster than voice when today I wanted to make this video and is about to retouch it and everything when I go out doing it is pig when I say it I was already starting to build the building already has a few blocks in conditions and there I had little left but hey I had already done them during the day and it all started from day to day including one night a mystery in this I think that everyone knows how to do it, being able to do it is not make ah honestly a hump assuming block block block is what leave your own emptiness behind another art and you've already done it on that And here it is, my assets say that I no longer have to be giving up the ass and here I already said I'm going to cover this and how good that I choke talking what do i do next i'm going to cover it too at last it looks more or less at the beginning I thought you could an elevator because I have seen a video of what an elevator is like For me they have similarities for the best, people do not and well neither can to be my first thing has no name my first thing that i draw i don't know i don't It seemed that it was very bad for me to actually try to climb the ladders I think and to make a career but little by little and in fact I don't know why he stays here I try to increase consumption who has tried to approve it and he did not want to test it in plan following flying but assume it well and then already for as I fall out of here then say something It has not been seen very well, now we have to say it all, the video quality is bad species but the castile effect at the time of going down was very good it did not look very good it was created by a pimp Well, practically this is all, I don't think there are calls what I say will surely do more was wanted digital so good you know nothing line subscribe and until next time

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