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DIY Wedding Invitations on a Cricut (Free Templates!)

hello everybody my name is Jennifer maker today we are learning how to make invitations on our crickets so about a month ago my guy Greg asked me to marry him and I said yes look a ring and ever since then I've been thinking about weddings and I wondered is it possible to use my Cricut to make beautiful wedding invitations I did some research and sure enough I found that these gorgeous filigree laser-cut style invitations were perfect for cutting on a Cricut I mean look at these amazing intricate cuts that you can do now you can buy templates for the style of invitation and Etsy for anywhere from 2 to $25 but I love to design things myself so I created an entire invitation sent with swirly hearts and I'm sharing it with you free so that I can show you how to make this dial-up invitation on your Cricut – feel free to use my design or check below this video for links to some of the best laser-cut style invitations on etsy in my invitation set we have this a flat invitation a gatefold style invitation a trifold style invitation with a pocket a 4-fold style invitation a thank you card and RSVP card and even a matching favor box now to make these pretty filigree invitations on your cricut you're going to need a good quality paper I recommend shimmer cardstock you can get it anywhere from 65 pound to 110 pound this is a 100 pack of shimmer card stock that I got at Michaels and you can see here how shimmery it is it's very pretty you can also get it in a variety of different colors and I have links to those below this video as well so here's some other colors you can get right now if you decide that you you may you need to decide if you want to print your invitations on your printer or use one of the Cricut pens to actually write it out and I'm going to experiment two different styles a pen to help you decide if it's right for you and let's not forget the Cricut itself you can do this with either Cricut explore or a Cricut maker and you're also going to want a fine point blade and a scoring stylist or a scoring tool as well as a new light grip mat and you're also going to need some things to keep your imitations together for that I recommend glue dots tacky glue tape and complementary colors of ribbon anywhere from a quarter of an inch to 3/8 of an inch and I'll show you when to use which one's for the best results so you're ready to make these let's head on over to my blog and I will show you where you can find the free filigree cut invitation set alright so head on over to jennifer maker com my tutorial for these projects is on the blog but what we're looking for the files so click on libraries up there at the top and then you want to either request a password if you don't have one or go ahead and head on them to the resource library and you'll find there's two different files there's one for the imitation set itself and there's a separate file for the favor box so you'll want to just search on the word filigree to find both of them and click each one to download it to your computer and then you also make sure that you unzip it usually you can just tell your browser to open it but you might need to select it and actually tell it to extract so we're looking for the SVG file for both of these two projects and we're going to upload both to Cricut design space so let's head on over there and I will show you how to prepare that file alright so here we are in Cricut design space click on new project and then click on upload over on the left and click on upload image and click browse and you're going to go search for the SVG file that you just downloaded make sure it says SVG in it and click open and you'll see it appear over there in the preview and click Save and we want to go get the other the fill out the favorite box as well so that we have that so you want to click upload image again and browse and find the favor box that you downloaded and extracted you want the SVG file and click open and do the same process you go ahead and save that and once they're uploaded you select both files and then select the the green insert images button in the lower right corner and then they'll both appear on your canvas and design space they're on top of each other so we'll move them so we can see them now this is my design and if you like this idea but don't quite want my design there are things that you can do in fact you can actually design your own card like this it's amazingly easy to do using either Inkscape or illustrator which is what I use to design this and I actually teach people how to do this in my course called Cut Above and so if you're interested in making your own filigree style invitation or card or anything like that I encourage you to check it out and this is the what it looks like as you design however today we're just going to work on this invitation so once you're in design space this paper box up here is fine you may want to resize it you can go as wide as 11.4 inches so that it fits on your mat you're not going to be able to go a lot bigger than that unless you go to a different size mat and paper but the invitations down here do need some preparation all these lines you see here in this red box those need to all be converted to score lines so we're gonna start by ungrouping these imitations so that we can see each individual element now we need to click on these black lines that we see here so here's one right here might be hard to select if it is just go over and look for the things that look like they're just lines like this and then you know you go up to the line type menu and you choose score and this turns it into a score line and of course you can output into score you can just delete these entirely but we want to score so then we select both the base layer and a score line together and click attach so that it scores on the card not just do you know it needs actually we tell it what to score – now these lahir have no score lines we have to do nothing this however these have score lines so again we want to identify just that just the line so you didn't inherit is we change it from nine from cut to score in a line Tech menu and then we select the base layer that we want to actually score so you'll see two items selected and then you click attach now you're scoring that base layer do the same thing for this one I'll click on just that cut that line there change that to score and then select the base layer below it you hold down the shift key and you can select both at the same time and then click attach and we can send that to the back so that we can still see our white invitation on top and over here this one here which is the pocket of this card same thing we select just that cut line change it to score hold down the shift key select the base layers now we have two layers selected and click attach and with this final one the 444 fold card we want to select that red layer that is the score layer even though it looks like it's rad did we change it to score and we select the base layer while holding down the shift key so we have two layers selected and it looks like I had a problem selecting that so I'm gonna start over and yeah we click there in the canvas and get just the score line and the base layer and then click attach and we can again send that to the back so we can see our white card these white layers are the actual where you would do printing or lettering for your invitation now if we go ahead and click and make it now we'll see it everything is set here's our white parts and then here are each of the cards themselves with the scores and the cuts all together but chances are you don't want to cut all of these projects chances are you want to pick one invitation let's say this one and you don't need the rest if this is the case let me show you how to get rid of the rest so you don't have to print everything you just click and drag the parts that you don't want on your canvas to select them just like this and when you let go it will select just these parts here and then you can press delete in the upper right or just pressed idli and your keyboard and get rid of them right so maybe this is all you want to do just a favor box in just this tri fold or oh sorry gatefold invitation which is totally cool right you may want to put some lettering on your invitation right but you might want to use a cricket so if you do move this off to the side and I'm going to click on text and we're just going to start typing some text you get to choose what you put here just keep in mind that too much text is gonna get difficult to read with the pen so this it's better to have you want it to be large enough so that you don't have too much and you'll want to experiment with this it may not be right for you I think it's best for I'm a casual writing nothing too fancy because it's just not quite clear enough with the pen and to find the writing font you want to click on filter and she's writing and these are all the thoughts that will look good with a pen not the other ones which will do weird things but these writing fonts anyway I look through look for ones that aren't going to cost you any extra money unless you don't mind paying you can tell by because there's a price on the side there so I have chosen this font here I'm going to go ahead and fill in the rest of the text that I'd like to use and all I did to modify this was just double click it we could change the alignment and everything now you'll notice that the letters aren't connected and this is cursive so we need to fix that we just do that by bringing the letter space in so that the letters are touching the way that they would be if we were using a pen and running this by hand right and what the idea is to make this look handwritten but if we look closer we can see that it doesn't quite line out the way we want some letters are squished some letters are just not connected but there's ways that we could fix this if you go up to advanced and do ungrouped letters you now have total control over every single letter and you can just move things around until you're happy this will take a while so you don't even want to be patient and just you know select individual parts or letters and move them until you feel like it looks the way that you want and again you're gonna want to do some testing you'll probably need to fiddle with this a bit to get it the way that you want but it can have a really nice effect especially if you're doing any kind of like I'm full of a dressing which we'll talk about a little bit later so once you have your letter set the way that you think is going to look best you need to attach all of these together before you continue to select everything and click attach down there at the bottom now you can change the color of the text here if you'd like so you continue to click or you input golden it's not important to do that but if you like to see how it's going to look you can now we also need to attach it to the white layer because it needs to write on that layer so size it to where you want it to be and then select both the white layer your invitation itself and your lettering and click attach so the lettering is on that white sheet and then you can move the the fancy filigree card back into position if you want it's actually not important that these two beads together in this case you'll be putting them together later so go ahead and click and make it and let's make sure everything looks okay so this first layer has a draw and then cut just what we want the second layer is score and cut and this third layer the favor box is just cut because it's scores are built-in so this looks great let's go ahead and click continue and you'll want to connect to your machine and then we're gonna choose the right material because the material makes a huge difference in cutting these properly especially if you're using shimmer paper which has a coating and can be a little harder to cut through you want to be sure that you're using a setting that has we'll be able to cut through it properly so medium cardstock here might be fine if you're using 65 pound shimmer paper you'd have to test it however some on my shimmer paper is actually 80 and 110 pound and so I've created a heavy cardstock custom material if you're not familiar with this kind of material settings down there at the bottom and you can actually see exactly my custom material setting called it heavy so let's go find that it's right here I'm gonna click on edit so you can see what settings I am using here I've got 305 pressure I'm cutting it twice and I'm still using the fine point plate do you want to put in your own custom material click down here give this a name and like for example 110 pound cardstock so that you can identify it later click Save and then you can choose all of your settings so I would say around 300 pressure and I would definitely cut it twice if you're using a letter cardstock you don't have to do this but this is how you basically you just change these settings until it's cutting perfectly each time and then you don't have issues with cutting really this is one of the best ways to make sure your gonna cut these imitations properly as they have that pressure and so now that we've set that custom material we go back in and we select it so we go scroll down to my materials and choose 110 pound cardstock and click OK now I always I always give my materials a little bit more pressure it always helps so much before we send this to our Cricut we need to talk about paper here is a pack of 65 pound white shimmer paper that I got at Michael's you can see here it's got this lovely Sheen on one side this works awesome if you'd like to use white but there are colors as well and I have links to the various colors you really need to get those on Amazon but here's some of the pretty pastel colors that you can get and shimmer paper of course you don't have to use shimmer paper you can use plain 65 pound 80 pound or 110 pound cardstock it's really your choice here's my Cricut maker you don't need to use a maker for this project you can use a Cricut Explorer either one works just fine just make sure it's powered on get out a new blue light grip mat and put your shimmer paper or whatever paper you're using onto it make sure it's well adhered and then make sure the corners of your mat are under those two guides and press against the rollers as you press the load and unload button that's the double arrow button this Cricut light will flash and this tells us it's ready to cut but remember we're doing some scoring so we need to insert either our scoring style which we use on the explorer machines or our scoring tool which we use on the maker machines so I'm going to go ahead and put my scoring tool in and we just open up this clamp right here and we pull out our fine point blade we'll use that later so to set that aside for now and we put in our scoring tool the gears fit right in there close the clamp make sure it's well seated close it and then we go ahead and press the flashing Cricket button to get started now when you use a scoring tool in really any kind tool on the maker it always checks to make sure you have the right tool in so if you're over here at your machine and it's not cutting be sure to double-check design space to see if it's alerting you that you don't have the right tool in it's not uncommon to accidentally put the rotary tool and instead of the scoring tool we've all done that before but once it's then it'll start scoring just like this and I really really recommend that you score like this on your cricket if you're able to if you're not you can always score manually later using a scoring board I won't be showing that in this video but I really like this because I mean the cricket can score it's one of the awesome features about it and it makes a lot easier especially if you're going to be doing a bunch of these invitations so when it's done that cricket light flashes again and that is our signal to remove that scoring tool and put in our fine point blade so we can actually start cutting this of course if you're using a scoring stylist it goes into the accessory clamp over on the left you don't have to switch things out that's certainly one benefit to using the stylus instead of the scoring tool the tools there's a deeper score though and I like it better alright so once that's in we've clicked the flashing cricket button again and it's just going to go to work and it's going to cut out I believe that this mat has several of different invitations on it it's got a three I think and it will take a while so something important to keep in mind is that when you choose to cut your own and make your own invitations you're essentially exchanging time for the work rather than money so if you don't have a lot of time you're going to want to pay to have your invitations made whereas if you have more time than money you doing something like this is totally an awesome thing to do and of course there's that satisfaction and knowing that we created something really special with our own hands and it's customized to us so here we can I've sped up the video so you can see the Cricut cutting out the invitation it does not go this fast I didn't time how long it takes to do each invitation and I think that it's going to depend a little bit how much Cricut you have as well so you're just gonna want to do it yourself so that you can budget your time and make sure you leave enough time to create all your invitations before your deadline to send them out this is really important so always do tests time how long it takes to do things make sure you have all your settings you know when it's not cutting all the way through or it's tearing as it cuts there's a lot of things that could be going on one it may be that your mat is not sticky enough a – it could be that your blade is not clean enough and I will show you how to clean your blade yeah I in fact would recommend cleaning your blade right before you know every few invitations that you create it's gonna it's going to pick up debris and you want you want your cuts to be as sharp as possible it just makes it so much easier and of course you need to make sure you have the right settings as we discuss these are all very important things it might take a few tries to get just the right settings but don't give up as you can see it's absolutely possible to do this I have cut these on both my Explorer and my maker it just might take a few tries to get the settings the pressure the mat everything working together in harmony but once you do you can just keep feeding that Cricut your paper and get these invitations created okay the Cricut is signaling that it's done so I'm going to go ahead and click that unload button and pull it out and you can see here that it's good we just finished cutting you can see there's a couple they're a little bit rough I could certainly have stood to clean my blade before I cut this and out and I will show you how to do that in a minute now if you would like to use a cricket pen to write your invitations rather than print them on a printer let me show you how to do that I put my paper in the upper left corner of my mat putting the mat under the guidelines and pressing that against as I loaded him now we're going to take our gold calligraphy pen this is the two points that two points eyes which is the smallest calligraphy pen that I am aware of that Cricut makes and you're going to want to make sure that this the tip it's got a chisel tip it needs to be going at a 45 degree angle off to the left for the best results and so go ahead and put that in your accessory clamp and close it and press the Go button and we will watch the cricket hand letter hand litter machine letter I'm not sure what we call this pen letter our invitations and now as I mentioned earlier you want to make sure that you're using the right combination of font and pen size to get the right effect let me come in here a bit and show you what this looks like so you can see that looks pretty cool I think but if you get much smaller than this the letters will start to just sort of fill in because this is a this is a pretty big pen so in that case if you need to have smaller text I recommend that you use a gold glitter pen or really you know any color but a glitter gel pen has a really pretty effect and it can have a much finer text you know much smaller text again you're gonna want to experiment with this until you get the right effect by the way here's a tip put the cap of your pen back on your pen if it's in the machine so that you don't lose it and you remember to cap it also one more thing if you get a package of pens at the store and you put it in you start trying to use your marker and you discover that it's not writing it's okay relax so take your pen make sure it's pointing the face down put it into your you know the cups over there on the side just put it somewhere so that the tip of the pen is pointing towards the ground and leave it there for you know if you ow to get the ink flowing properly into the tip oh and always store your pens that way always store your pen so that the tip is down and that will help you then when you go to put it into your machine and then it's going to properly right and then all the ink hasn't floating to the bottom so this is what I do and in fact I had a pack of pens that I got for this project and it was doing just that and I just don't put them down to the ink could flow down into the tip and they were just fine now we can see here that it's cutting and it's just cutting out the you know the outline of the white card so that it's going to be perfectly sized for our invitations we don't have to do anything extra I just love this about cricket I mean it writes exactly where we tell it to and it cuts it out and it's awesome now you'll notice it's cutting it twice because that's what my settings call for again you want to experiment to see if you really need to cut it twice because that's going to add time tell you to your invitation making schedule so just keep that in mind alright let's press that a month but n' take a look and see how it turned out there we go that looks pretty I really love this shimmer paper alright let's take this and our cut invitations over to the lightbox and assemble everything so here's the invitation that we cut on our Cricut you can see there's a couple of rough spots is actually pretty good but we can even get rid of those rough spots by making sure we have a sticky mat and also always cleaning our blade whenever we're having an issue I just use a balled up piece of aluminum foil and I just press that plunger in and I poke the blade into that luminal ball I don't know 40 50 times and it cleans it great makes an awesome nice sharp clean cut now to remove your invitation from your cricut mat i recommend you turn your mat face down on your surface and curl the mat away from your surface and that lets your invitations come right off without curling themselves so curl the mat not your paper you get left with all of this extra stuff on your mat I'll just make sure everything is out there that's a little bit you're gonna want a place to keep these so that your areas and get too messy there's the pocket for the trifold now I use your scraper to get everything off quickly and easily just like this and this the scraper works great I even have a bigger one that's even faster all right let's take a look at what we have here so here's all of our pieces I thank you cards are flat like cards that's our four fold invitation there is our trifled with our pocket and this is our favorite box all right and then these are each of the invitations that I put the gold lettering on so that you can see what they look like in each case so these here are the two-point calligraphy pen and you can see it's still some cases so little little dark I use this pack of pens here now I also use the gold litter pen from the Martha Stewart ones and you can see here that it's definitely lighter but it's finer as well and that might work better for you I recommend you test to see which one works for your lettering and the style and everything that you've done now let's put this together I recommend glue dots for these invitations so look for the score line you're going to want to score where on the side that you see the score line very gently fold that in and they're gonna want to use something to really reinforce that line you could use your scoring tool itself you can use something like a pair of tweezers anything with a nice good edge to really see that fold down well because swimmer paper it's quite sturdy it's going to resist folding so once you've got that in there you're gonna want to put your glue dots on the back it's so fast to do this you know and then you don't want to use glue because glue is going to want to curl your invitations and it's not good if this doesn't work and it's also messy use glue dots trust me they work awesome now we need to keep their invitation close because you'll see here it doesn't really want to you could wrap a ribbon around the whole thing or you could just sort of tie a ribbon around two points and make a bow I recommend when you make a bow you turn your project upside down and put the bow on that way and then the little tails will want to hang down instead of hang it up or at funny angles it always works the best for me and then trim that off and you can do this any way you want you know you don't have to put that bow there I think it just looks so pretty with the bow alright so there's a pretty gatefold card now let's do our trifold card with a pocket the first step is to fold the tabs of the pocket inward these tabs are going to go inside the card on the right side and you don't want to make sure that it fits in there so that your a card can close properly it's just something to be aware of use a tool to get the edges of those the tabs on your pocket down nice and flat as you can and we're going to put glue dots again on those tabs I think it works a lot better again then tacky glue which can get wet and can distort your card this is also much faster just make sure that you lining up to the bottom right corner of your invitation so that it folds without there being any kind of hindrance and then make sure that your invitation fits in there you might have to wiggle a little bit but it should fit in there properly and now we need to add the decorative side so again we just fold that tab and we're going to put it right at the edge here so it wraps around like this so just put some glue dots there at the edge make sure it's really well seated at that edge and check to make sure that it's not I didn't I made a mistake the first time so you're gonna want to gently remove that I'm sure that if you're doing a bunch of these you're gonna get really good at this you want it to really be lined up there so that it folds and then fold everything down and again it's not gonna want to stay folded so you gonna want to wrap a ribbon around it just as you did with the other card you could also use a belly band I did not design one for this but a belly band is really just like a strip of a similar material or a complementary material that you wrap around and tape or glue to keep it closed it's the same idea alright so that is a trifold invitation this is our four fold card it's got scores on all four edges let's do the same very gently fold those down and go around you want to be careful you know this is a very fragile right it's meant to be very delicate and elegant just be careful as you do this and then again use a tool of some sort to make sure that those scored edges are as flat as possible and then we put our glue dots on the back of our invitation and we place it in the center inside of our card there's a margin there isn't go all the way to the edges again I won't want to stay close I reckon then you use ribbon to keep it closed you can put the ribbon in a lot of different ways you can wrap it up like a present or you can put it through some of the filigree edges whatever works best for you experiment find the look that you like and one that isn't too fussy and let's see we'll be doing 10 invitations in which case you'd go to town be as fussy as you want but if you're doing like 50 or 100 you need to keep in mind that this every little action you take will add up over time so so there we go so there's a little ribbon here is a flat leg hard so easy no scarring just put some glue dots on the back of the card and place it on same thing for your RSVP thank you cards all those little flat ones and that's it alright now let me show you the favorite box so you just go through it and you fold everything interested in I'm doing here all of the tabs top tab side tabs even the ones at the two ends as well now as I mentioned this project has like self scoring and I did this because I wanted to be really simple for you to put together and since there's we got all these other cut lines going on adding some dash lines did not hinder the design whereas in the case of the invitations I felt that those cut dash lines didn't look classy and they really needed a score but in this case I think it's fine and the first thing that you'll do is put the side tab into the slot on the other side and I recommend you use a little glue inside to secure that tab in place it's just a little glue under that tab and press it down and hold it until it's done now to close up the bottom of your box set it on your surface and close it fold it up just like this now if you're gonna put anything in it you're gonna want to put some tape on the bottom so it doesn't pop open on you just like that it's kind of pushed down at the bottom and this is the time to fill it with you know some candy or something a bath bomb whatever you're giving out here I've got some knife finish with candy in them and then you want to tuck your tabs in and secure them with a ribbon I found the best way to do this was to thread the ribbon through three of the sides at the top of the box and then pull them in and then tie a bow across the fourth one so that the bow would lay flat and not be kind of pulled and tugged it also makes it a lot easier to open and close so that people don't have to unthread it to get into it and risk tearing in the box because when this box is done it makes a beautiful luminary and it's a really nice souvenir of your special day and there we go there is our favorite box and here's our whole entire set isn't that pretty the thing is that these are just so lovely and again there's many different designs that you can buy on Etsy and I have links below this video if you'd like to see my favorites and you can also make these yourself totally you can make these yourself using Inkscape or illustrator and my cut above SVG design course will show you how to do that now these imitations are all 5 inches by 7 inches also known as a 7 which is the most common common imitation size so you want to be sure to get a 7 envelopes to match these as well and if you'd like to learn how to address your envelopes with your Cricut checkout my Cricut writing and pen tutorial video which shows you exactly what to do but the biggest issue we're likely to have with making these invitations is just getting those fine intricate cuts remember to use sticky mats keep your blade clean and make sure your settings are correct for the best results it's definitely doable and if you like the idea of these invitations but want a different style or something more personalized it's actually really easy to design these yourself really it is I teach my students how to design cards just like this and my cut above SVG design course which you can learn more about at jennifer slash cut above this course is an excellent way to learn how to make designs that you can share or even sell yourself and I'm opening enrollment again very soon so if this interests you be sure to check it out so you don't miss the enrollment period there's a link below this video for more information at a– so are you ready to make these because it was so excited to see you make them if you have any questions at all about making these invitations please leave a comment below this video or even better post over on my facebook group at jennifer maker comm slash cricut crafters and that's it for today remember if you can tell me what you want to make i can show you how to make it until next time you [Music]


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