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Angela Kinsey on Take Home Handyman (Part 1)

I'm in Hollywood and I've been tipped off as an actress in the store right now that could use my help I'm Andrew Dan Jumbo carpenter craftsman handyman and I'm heading inside to find someone you can use my help this week we're doing something a little different we're looking for somebody that I haven't met before recognize when I see her and so will you because she's on one of the hottest shows on TV it's gonna be okay how's that gonna be okay Dwight everyone will know our business that's not the worst thing in the world come all right here she loves doing work around the house but her schedule it's so crazy she can never get anything done so since I was in the neighborhood I thought I'd give her a hand oh my god I love your show it's new to me yeah fixer-upper this is your lucky day because you know I what I do is I because I'm a huge fan of the show I'm gonna break from tradition here I'm gonna come to the house for four days not the usual two sliding closet doors is that what you're trying to replace I have a wall that looks like this new doors maybe trade them out you know okay this is kind of a cool design I don't know what's telling your houses do you like something like that I was torn between these two I'm gonna tell you that I like the solid wood but I also like this you know what's cool but this stone what if you have a light in the closet and you'll switch it on these panels will glow yeah Andrews right that'll be beautiful already right actually so I thought I couldn't get any better I'm gonna pay for it probably tell you my husband's working this week yes but my mom is in town from Texas choose yes birdie Jo Kenzi I'm gonna call her and tell her I'm bringing strange man home and I'm very stressed I'm a locust up I think it's okay thank you so much I'll see you back at me no I'll Drive slow I'll follow you okay where are my parts on the other side of my house we have this great sense which is really nice but on this side we don't have a fence so that would be nice how are you paddles I like buttons we mean green that's good enough here let me show you other things I have this front screen door what's this door popped open below oh because I hate it look at this now look if you love this door I'm not saying they just look it's not me okay she asked me to come help that is splendid because we have lots of work to do to get to her inside the house as well correct yes buddy I'll see you all right me handsome mommy it's a ball so like look you got a wall of mirrors and I don't like them and listen are you ready for this and as you can see we sort of were in the mid process here the folks at Home Depot are helping me so far a little what how was it before oh my goodness there was black carpet a pink toilet a pink bidet pink bathtub you can't counter top you just a bit surprising I know you have people working then already but I feel like I need to do something special for you say it is off I'll take care of all these we're done in here with the assistance of your mother can work the other way she keeps she can't you can't sit exactly you have to stay out can you do that for like maybe four days the project list book you say is the most important the most pressing thing out of the things we don't you think no question there number two let's move into the bedroom into the closet okay and number three would be the door the front door I can't stand that door that's probably the easiest thing to do that out of everything we're gonna talk upon yeah that'll be the quickest thing to do okay and number four were that the fence which is actually a fairly big undertaking so we've got these these panels and these little 45-degree cuts on top is called a dog-eared but on top I thought we could put a trellis it has like via I love it gives you the height that you need no you won't go to hit with your neighbor yeah no steve is great and we both have talked we both wanted a fence and i'm i this is lovely yeah so it's just the three of us alright doing the work I don't actually I'm gonna make a few phone calls and see if some of my cast mates will stop by and maybe get my husband on a project day so yeah so we're gonna have some help nice I'm excited actually good not all sliding doors are created equal the key to a smooth acting door is in the hardware it needs to be good quality so look out for features like wheels with ball bearing rollers and this a jump rope track I hear staple gun Andrew crime scene should I be scared right yeah I think she could be peeking yes we have reached a point with these 70s doors they're gonna go yes you let's basically lift the door up and off the track like so slightly out away from the wall once the mirror comes out the door the door comes out you take the cordless screw gun make sure it's in Reverse there are screws on the track down here I'm not doing any of them so what am i I understand my buddy let's run what we can get things started why don't you say you just lift this really easily and then you took it it's right okay pink carpet probably went with pink bathroom


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