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Morning Routine (10 DIY Ideas, Makeup, Healthy Recipes)

Hello dear! Today I have a special video for you. Something I have never filmed before. A few weeks ago, I asked you on my instagram what videos you would like to watch next and many of you dry up your morning routine. So I said why not? But you know how much i I like my DIYs so I will not only show you the typical weekend morning routine, but also 10 epic DIY ideas that make my mornings happy and special. Breakfast recipes, DIY decorations, clothes, shoes, makeup, nail art and much more. Take a look! Oh god what a bad dream! Does it happen to you that during the week when you have to wake up, you will give everything for 10 minutes more sleep, but on weekends when you have no pressure to wake up, do you get up too early? This happens to me very often. And as soon as I woke up, I decided to get up and do most of this morning and you you will come with me.

First, I head to the bathroom to brush my teeth and face. My skin is very thin, sensitive and red. Warm water usually irritates my skin a lot. Although it calms me down a lot afterwards. On top of that, my face is very dry so I need it put a little cream. Now is the time for food! On weekends I like to train in the morning so eat the right breakfast afterwards … But I have to eat something small to give me energy for exercise, so today I will make a smoothie.

JUST I got whatever fruit I had in the fridge and milk. I found some berries, strawberries and a banana. I really like making smoothies because in the full sense of the word they can be prepared in seconds and enjoy! And they are also healthy, which makes it a bonus. Drinking smoothie I like to check email, respond to your comments and watch some videos on YouTube. Oh and by the way, I actually decorated this glass myself and I think it looks very nice! Yes you are you can do it. Pour some glue into a container – I will make three different colors, so I need three glasses Then simply paint your adhesive using acrylic paints or food coloring. Give a good mix and voila now have a colored glue that you can use to decorate any kind of material Now you can put the paint in a squeeze tube or in a plastic bag and make a knot. This way you will be able to paint just like when you are decorating the cake.But Seriously, how amazing are these colors.

How can you notice it in my videos I have a small neon light at the moment. Bright colors make me very happy. Just cut it a small part of the corner of the bag and you can start drawing. I decided to make colorful hearts around the whole jar. Normally, I used my jar to drink but this can be a nice decoration also.Use as a pencil holder on your table, as a flower vase, whatever you want. When you are ready just let it dry for a few hours and you have the most beautiful jar oh even if you want to buy these colors for glass and create sleek designs in your jars.Here I am doing a drawing of a fun landscape with a radiant sun, clouds and flowers These jars are completely harmless to wash and will last you for many years. I made a pink flower and now let's give her an orange mate not to be alone.These jars can also work great as a small gift to our loved ones.

You can personalize it, make it funny – the options are endless. While drawing on glass just try to keep your hand steady and move slowly. Supporting the berries on the table helps a lot. All right, after drinking my smoothie it's time to put on my sportswear! During exercise I like to drink a lot of water and today I decided to make it more special so I will fill with more fresh fruit. Better be careful with that knife Sara! I have some strawberries, blueberries, kiwi and lemon. And they go inside the bottle. I like to experiment with different fruits, sometimes I add raspberry, mint, lime, whatever I find in the fridge I drink a lot of water, about one to three liters every day and this is a good way to tint a little.

To finish pour some fresh water and I'm ready to go outside. I live in Bergen, where it rains a lot. Many days I like some strenuous exercise inside. But when the weather is good like today I like to take advantage of it and get out outside for a run in the fresh air. Running shoes – checked, tail – checked, blazer – was checked and I will go far! Taking half an hour in nature really clears my mind and gives me me energy for today. Water filled with fruit is very tasty! Seriously magnificent, you need it so I like to run for a long time until I find something that confuses me like photograph or this cute rose. I played with him for a while and then normally decided, Sara, you have drunk enough for today and I am heading home I go home and first I have to take a quick shower and then put on my favorite red coat, to which I just live.

I comb my hair and lately I love simple waves, which are very easy to make. All you have to do is split the hair in two and rotate each strand away from your face to get spins like these. You can catch them, but I left them so i rotate them whenever i remember.If my plan for the day is to relax in my apartment I normally sit in my pajamas, I will not lie. But I have some plans for later so I decided to wear some short jeans and a short t-shirt. I made this cute graphic figure myself and I will soon tell you how. First you need to find or take a picture you want on your t-shirt and print it on one transfer letter.I decided to make this delightful elephant in a heart with some flowers and colors.

Cut the piece leaving about half an inch of lead and just follow the steps for your transfers, because these may be different due to different manufacturers. I had to iron the paper for a while, let it cool completely and then I removed the letter to discover this Wonderful photo of Mr. Elephant on my t-shirt. This was the first time I made a graphic figure using transfer paper and I love it.I will definitely do most of these on my t-shirts Okay, now is the time for my favorite part of breakfast, which is, a great breakfast, delicious! Today I will have an avocado and dried biscuits with cream cheese plus yogurt with granola and Mountain fruit.

You can just buy these dried biscuits with seeds at a grocery store or you can just make them they themselves. Take a large plate and pour in sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds and pine nuts whole flax and crushed flax seeds, cia and sesame seeds, and some almonds, peel psylim and salt. For accurate measurement check the information box. Perizini perberisit together and pour 5 deciliters of water. Mix well and place a parchment cooking paper. Direct the mixture with a spatula making sure it is fine and even. My dry biscuits will be a quarter inch thick. Put them in the preheated oven about 300 degrees Fahrenheit or 160 degrees Celsius. Bake for ten minutes, then form the dry biscuits in the desired part and bake for another 50 minutes.Continue checking them because you do not want to burn them.

almond oil

The first tabaka was made, let these guys wait as well. Here they are they, finished and smell delicious. You can now store the dried biscuits in a box or jar and they make a very healthy and delicious breakfast or snack. I like to put them on top of some cream cheese and avocado slices. Besides that I will make yourself a mountain fruit yogurt. Time to add some delicious blueberries and to pour my favorite granoj. Add another layer of yogurt, and add the healthy mixture with ca.

Delicious strawberries. Lots of strawberries .. as much as you can put in the jar! And finally i can enjoy my breakfast. While eating I like to think of video ideas … or I will check social networks and respond to you. Let me tell you … This granola with mountain fruit is a lot good! And what I like about it is that you can do it at home, put the lid on the jar and take with you to school or work. Oh even just if you ask what types of granules I used I used it – I just made it myself! Pour into a bowl: 3 cups of oatmeal, half a cup of pumpkin and pistachio seeds, sunflower seeds and almond pieces, a teaspoon of salt and some cinnamon.

Mix it all together and add a cup of maple syrup and a quarter cup of olive oil. Mix well until all the ingredients are well incorporated and set the mixture on a parchment lined for cooking. Bake in the oven for 300 Farhrenheit for about 40 minutes. You can mix every 20 minutes that the granola will be fine and baked regularly. I swear guys, this is the best granola I have ever tried. and above it the house yours will smell great while you bake it. You can normally change the ingredients accordingly to your preferences – add hazelnuts, nuts or dried fruits. Put in one box and you have a delicious granola always in your hands. After breakfast I wash the dishes and always wear protective gloves. This is very important if you want to keep your nails and hands healthy and beautiful. Detergents are normally very harsh causing weak, broken nails and premature aging of your skin. I do not paint my nails every weekend morning, but if I happen to film later that day and it happens that I do not have anything on my nails yet, I probably need to paint my nails.That's why I like it to relax in my bed, listen to some music and let my nails.

Today I decided on this purple shades on all my nails except my ring finger. For that I applied two white coats si base. Then I am dipping a hygienic stick in the spray, and I am making large very colorful dots around the nail.When the spots will dry, I like to make even smaller white spots inside many great colors. Finally I am making some small multi-colored dots in the middle to the rings. My manicure took me ten minutes to do and it looks very cute. Now my hair is dry and I'm ready to take off these ridiculous curls and do it myself some light curls. For some volume I like to spray some beach hair spray and to wool the hair so that the curls become more pronounced. Oh and if you want to do your beach hair spray, here's how to do it. Take a spray bottle and fill it halfway with water, add a teaspoon of sea salt, a little strong gel, some oil – I I was using some almond oil, but you can use coconut oil, olive whatever you prefer.

If you want you can put some perfume for hair, I put some peppermint extract and finally I put some vitamin E drops. We know the packaging papers so I decided to make my own bottle with more beautiful by gluing some colorful hearts. Now this is what we are talking about 🙂 While this hair spray gives a lot of quality it also nourishes your hair with oils and vitamins. I'm a little bit ready for the day. The only thing missing is to put on my makeup. I did not use it makeup every day because I'm too lazy for it, but i used more products coverage when filming. First Mrs. face mask which I apply with a beauty sponge. And then some concealer in the inner corner of my eye, which I put on my ring finger.For eye shadow I put a medium brown shadow on this wrinkle and blend it upwards using a fluffy fork. Then I applied this brighter champagne shade around the entire eyelid. I koptuva placing the shadow with my finger helps with pigmentation. I dipped my fork in the right direction in a dark brown, almost black color and vedosa in my eyelash area as an eyeliner.

Curl eyelashes, I applied some eyelash dye, and sometimes I like to stain a little blue eyeliner on my lower lashes. This makes blue eyes stand out more and I love how it looks especially for vere. Finally for the little eyes from the champagne color in inner corner and below the eyebrows. While I'm talking about it, I normally let go of my eyebrows natural. But I was happy to give my cheeks some peach rush and finally I decided favorite lip balm, that surprise surprise, I made myself. All I did was melt an old piece of lipstick and some Vaseline together. My lips always are cry and have to put some kind of lip balm all the time.

Also, most lipsticks they dry my lips, so this colored lip balm is perfect for me. Give the lip balm a little mixture and then pour into a container. I decided to decorate mine with a small heart and that was. The lips are no longer dry and crying, but soft and pink better. Here is my makeup all ready, so i just have to put on my shoes and i'm ready to conquer the world. But seriously, how cute are these sneakers ?! And find out what, you can do them too! Take part with jeans and a pair of sneakers that you need to pierce. I want to make DIY projects easy outside, even though the weather here in Norway has been awful during the spring, rain and cold ghste all the time. Cut a lot of hearts out of denim fabric. I'm not using any pencil because this is faster and I really love them as hearts are small with different. Of course you can be creative here and cut other shapes, like circles and stars.

Here are my little hearts from the jeans we will be packing in my shoes with fabric adhesive. Put some fabric glue and place them around all your sneakers. My hearts are pretty big, so the climb is done faster. Here comes the last and I'm ready. How amazing are they? Love, love, love! Now I'm ready for the day! Most weekends I work on my videos because I do not a lot of time during the week. I like to film outside as much as I can, when the weather adjusted. My boyfriend and I will be exploring various beautiful locations, which Norway there are many offers. In the rainy days I would normally stay inside, maybe film some nail art edit and talk to you in the comments, which is my favorite widow thing. Por cfare do I will do it. to have a good relaxed morning as today always makes my day beautiful. And this was how the typical breakfast of my weekends looks like, I hope you like this video and maybe get some inspiration for yourself.Please give this video some love if you want more videos for lifestyles and leave me in the comments, what DIY do you like the most.

I honestly read all your comments and you guys make me very happy. I have the sweetest and dearest viewers. You guys make the world me. But, that was it for today. Thank you very much for watching and I will see you very soon. Goodbye! Every day is a treasure, let's see what this has to offer. Goodbye my dear ones!.

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