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Checklist Handyman Services Handyman-for-a-Day

hi I'm Liz Vika ROTC and the founder of checklist home services were handyman company serving Brooklyn Queens in Manhattan hi my name is Guillermo Blanco I'm the vice president when checklist I'm service today we'll do send work on this residency our most popular service is called the handyman for a day for instance today we're at a client's house and we're going to be doing a little bit of everything we're going to be hanging a shelf we're going to be fixing some stairs we're going to be changing some light bulbs caulking a bathtub and changing the water filter and anything else that the client comes up with that she'd like handled today hi my name is Ivy I'm a customer of checklist home services it's hard to find a reliable handyman in New York and checklist has amazing customer service and delivers high quality work consistently handymen aren't typically known for their professionalism but checklist handymen they show up on time they're reliable and they leave your home cleaner than when they came similarly in our office every interaction you have with them whether it be by phone email through our website you're going to be wowed and you're actually going to be surprised that you're working with the handyman company

Checklist Handyman Services

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