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DIY Gravel Driveway Part 3 / The Carpenter’s Daughter

everyone so welcome back to part three of my 
DIY gravel driveway so you know the score if   you want to see how we're getting on then keep 
on watching so the first thing I had to do was   install these concrete gullies and I got these 
from cellco and I think they were about ten   pounds each or 15 pounds each I can't remember 
but this saved me so much time and hassle of   making my own so to install them and need us to 
build the height up a little bit because we're   still going to add 50 mil of gravel there so I 
decided to mix some mortar off and place three   bricks around there now I'm not saying this is the 
right thing to do I've never seen anybody do this   before but I'm happy with it so if you want to 
recommend a different way feel free to comment   below and once I get my bricks in place I'd add 
more mortar on there and place the gullies on   top obviously making sure they're level but I 
also use where the brick slide as a guide and   a filled any gaps with mortar and I had three 
of these to do and again how to use some frost   proofing then by this point absolutely all of 
the aggregate that would have delivered have been   sprinkled all over the drive so I went over the 
whole area and I balled it and raked everywhere   to try and make sure everything was level and 
I also had this plate compactor or whacker from   Travis Perkins it was 35 quid for a week this 
time a little bit dearer than when I hired it   for the my patio and it was a smaller version 
and if you are doing a driveway I personally   wouldn't get this one again but don't actually 
think this has got enough weight to compact the   aggregate so we'll be hiring another one to use 
just before and after the gravels being installed   but here I'm Rifa millyar izing myself with how 
to turn it on I will leave a brilliant video below and it gave the whole area about three or four 
passes but I definitely think it could have done   with more but the following day we had loads of 
snow then the next time I could finally use it   was when most of the snow had cleared and again 
my father-in-law gave me a fantastic tip and that   was to see if there was any dips or grooves and 
then go over it with a rake again to make sure   it's level and then finally it went over the 
whole area again with my whacker and then took   it back the next day so as you know in my last 
video I had to leave it over Christmas but it   gave us time to think about what kind of gravel we 
wanted and I found a local one called a Thurston   landscapes and they were the cheapest the closest 
and the best delivery prices so I went along and   bought a load of samples that way I could just 
plunk a load in front of my house get an idea   of what I wanted rather than having a costly 
mistake and totally regretting it but if you   from up north like me then I do know a company 
called deco-pack this is not a sponsored video   but they just happen to be the same suppliers 
as these so I'll leave a link to those below   as well and they're roughly about the same price 
so I really struggle to make my mind up of what I   wanted so decidedly very generous amounts along 
the front of the house and take some photos and   ask you all on Instagram and Facebook to see what 
you thought was the best and most of you actually   said you preferred this one because it was a 
nice contrast against the house but then the   next morning I realized it must have been wet 
too when I laid it down because it dried all   paling dusty gray so that was completely out so 
he just went for the golden one instead and it   was 78 pounds of ton but other companies quoted 
me 130 so you really do have to shop around so   once we placed our order I just blended it all in 
with a rake and then finally I got the whacker I   wanted and I got these from Travis Perkins again 
and because I mentioned I had a discount for one   in August they knock this down to 39 pounds 
for the week Sal wasn't grumbling it's so much   heavier so I needed help getting out of the van 
well that meant it compact to the ground more   as well so went over the lot about three times 
just to make sure it makes you blink to stop and   think a woman and a whisk broom can accomplish so 
darn much so never underestimate a woman's touch and this is how it looked and now it was 
ready for the delivery which came within   24 hours I was very impressed so I'm secretly 
filming at this stage and we'd ordered a ton so later that afternoon my fiancee guilt cracking 
splitting open the bags and laying out as much as   he called I think he did about three and a half 
bags so what are you doing that I thought I should   sort out this drop bolt for the bottom of my gate 
and I've caught about a foot of steel pipe down   that I knew the drop bolts would fit through this 
pipe was actually from screw fix for about six   quid so close the gates to line everything up and 
then lowered the drop bolt just moving it around   just to make an impression in the ground and then 
drill straight through that with a masonry drill   bit using my dad's Hilty drill but it did take a 
few attempts because some of the gravel just kept   caving in so had to scoop a fair bit away just to 
get the pipe in and then hammered it in I would   have loved to use a mallet but I think the last 
one broke so we threw it away which I should have   replaced so I had to go gently with this in case 
I walked it and then put the drop bolt in gave it   a bit of a kick just to straighten it up and then 
let that for now because we'd be cementing it in   later so now it's the weekend and run one of the 
last parts of rah so I both took it in turns to   shovel and we'll bury it down to the bottom of 
the drive and as you can imagine we were doing   that for quite a bit and then we spread the hole 
up with a rake and of course this is Britain it   was raining again like every other outdoor video 
that I've filmed but wait a minute there's now   snow and then what's most of that was spread 
out we did hold on to one tonne just so it can   patch bits up here and there particularly near 
the gate where that pipe is it was my fiance's   turn to work the whole Drive and he went around 
it about three times again and we didn't have   to fill the tank at once where is the small one 
before I had to fill it all regularly so the next   morning to our surprise it started snowing again 
but this time it was relentless we didn't want to   waste a perfectly good day to try and finish it 
so I thought I'd cement in at the pipe for the   drop bolt at the bottom of the gate so I cleared 
the hole and removed any gravel that had fallen   down there and surrounded it with some mortar mix 
but I did add some frost proofing again and from   time to time at poke it with a stick to push the 
cement in and then it close the gate and fit the   drop bolt in just to make sure it was aligned 
correctly and then I thought while it was wet   I placed some gravel on top and then we worked on 
clearing that last ton of gravel and I just raked   it in with the rest and kept taking it in turns 
and finally I went over the whole lot again a   couple of times with a whacker but I feel like I 
need to do this again once the snow is definitely   gone because it was still some sleet here and just 
ignoring some of the snow this is what it looks   like we're extremely pleased it's very practical 
we love the golden color and I couldn't tell you   right now how much it costs total so once I've 
tated it up I'll leave a comment below and I'll   pin it for you but I don't think this project 
cost is any more than 1,300 pounds or something   like that and originally we will quoted three 
and a half grand for this when we first moved in   so it's nice knowing we've saved a lot of money 
for other projects so that's if I have driveway   gravel project I do you want to go over it a few 
times with a whacker and what I want to do next   week once the snow is cleared everything I want to 
lay some patio subs directly in front of the front   door I think that's about it l wouldn't get some 
plant pots and things and tidy up my raised bed   in area so if you do anything it differently 
feel free to comment below and if you liked   it don't forget to give all I can subscribe and 
hopefully I'll see you soon thanks for watching


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