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Snapper Commericial Walk Behind Mowers: By John Young of the Weekend Handyman

so John Young with the weekend handyman we are at the gie show in Louisville Kentucky looking some of new cool things and that brought us over to the snapper booth we're seeing a lot of neat stuff and now we're looking at the commercial mowers I guess the best way to describe this I've got mark here from snapper mark tell me more about these mowers Stamper makes two commercial-grade the high back and flare deck machines we make them for the commercial part of our business that they have different engines more commercial grade engines either the Honda engines or the Professional Series Briggs & Stratton engines their difference between a commercial grade machine and a residential grade machine we use steel wheels both from the front and back we have ball bearing wheels both on the front and back so it kind of gives that that commercial guy a little bit better features when it comes to an upgrade wheel system again the better engines full pressure lube external oil filters gives that engine the ability to go ahead and run in hillsides gullies flat ground constant lubrication to the to the engine the drive system is a little bit different than on a residential side we actually have a better high quality drive system here with your ball bearing joints on your Ken levers here that kind of give you a lot better quality of drive systems we use X braces back here in the back to go ahead and give those handles a lot more stability so the commercial grade machine has the upgrades of steel wheels ball bearing wheels better engines better bracketing and a better drive system now there's a couple of different mowing decks I'm looking at here yes the same thing like we have on the flare deck and the high backs from the residential side we have the same thing on the commercial we have the flare deck here on the commercial with the Professional Series Briggs engine this machine has the ninja blade system which is the x-blade that gives you a better cut when it comes to recycling so the flare deck machine is actually made for recycling just like we have on the residential side the high vac which has the deck that rolls under the blade system is made for bagging so with this machine eighty percent of the consumer that buys this will bag with it when it comes to flare deck machine eighty percent of the consumer the buy sat will recycle with it both machines are interchangeable and versatile by either going recycling side discharging or bagging very nice the people would like to find out more information where can they go they can go to WWE pour calm great thanks mark thank you this is John Young with the weekend handyman

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