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Let’s Play Bioshock Infinite: Handyman Time – 013 [1999 MODE]

right Oh handyman time this is this is handy meeting tab oh [ __ ] i already have any ammo as well and more of course Wow you bastard where is Elizabeth these days with a [ __ ] Medical pucks she hasn't given me a medical kit broken age's right there was health kits in here wasn't there that health kit machine it was there the terrible's there wasn't [ __ ] hell right where I II a big [ __ ] kuma Oh come on come on Elizabeth get your [ __ ] hand there we are hope I hate away apples and [ __ ] give you like a few pixels of health onto your health bar why can't you just give you a nice little bit like take some of the blame strain off it instead of that you're running around like a [ __ ] dildo oh why why are you doing this to me Oh Holly go come on give me a better health Oh I'm dead I'm dead I have to be dead I'm dead man I'm a dead man come on come on come on just a smidgen of health from something cuz if he gets me again my shield while won't do the job martha has to be something in here it has to be write write write write write write write write write write write that gives me an awful wary where are you oh oh no no where is it I'll hit him hit him hit him come on run run run run oh man I nearly was out of the woods there with it [ __ ] you know it's not it's not even the handyman deaths it's the death before it I thought I'm snapping over it's not stupid death that I caught when I was standing over there if I hadn't got myself into that corner it would have still had that life where is he see that's all two more volleys into and he would have been doing for thats it like that that's it in a nutshell it's not the death that I just got off the handyman I mean if you if you go through a handyman fight without dying you're pretty good I'll take that actually yeah that might be handy what do I have four headgear and I'll throw on the reload one actually the ammo put yeah man it that's it really it's no keep going on about but it's the death before that annoys me that ever happened to you you're obviously gonna catch debts face and handyman it's almost an inevitability it just don't see you but that's that I hate more no I don't want no don't wanna go blowing money now after those two debts although I'm still not really that bad off I'm still sitting in 800 point what do you want so here we want here we want possession possession is gonna save his their big star and they've been a medical kit yose of an old Pinkerton like you it's fine Shan learn to get the hell out of here oh is that you finish what you started to it wouldn't want to disappoint the other applicants old soldiers what is it they say about old soldiers with pretty [ __ ] obvious you were talking about look it's obviously gonna be a farmer gimme it don't spam the [ __ ] out get me over to the medical kits you can take that bit of a on the side all right it was that I'll give me an order medical kit oh ma I'm getting destroyed here come on give me somewhere to Trout a [ __ ] possession can't see the [ __ ] where the focus give me the RPG I blew me [ __ ] self up there he's just letting me [ __ ] take chunks up who get that down you yeah Rick your flesh will cha like a powder hahaha the hand cannon may fail hm I wonder what that's gonna be big forest come on you big folk it's not even necessarily dick Broder that makes me nervous it's the [ __ ] it's not the crowd that makes me nervous all the little minions that he has that's him that's him I love I clipped in oh I love it come on let me get a shot on here quack oh [ __ ] the kickoff who else is making noise you rascal who's that it was it I love the Hank Anna I'm loving it now thank you oh [ __ ] Oh like give me know just talk it out from and I took it out let those two automata [ __ ] each other roof or the paid like the Patriot for came up as well right let me just get my bearin's oh no Oh just take a few little chips off oh [ __ ] achieve all turnover ever all on that oh no I'm dead oh oh [ __ ] oh I'm dead I'm dead my I'm a dead man i'm dead i'm gon [ __ ] my mother this is getting her now man this is starting to get [ __ ] hurt [ __ ] get already dead nudie not left and others i know looks safe the idea obviously that I'm trying to use here is the just let the air just let the [ __ ] automatons [ __ ] up the Patriot but that wasn't happening L made of ammo lovely so when he started sprinting you're [ __ ] when he started sprinting achi yarger and the car spoken Elizabeth isn't exactly coming up trumps with with ammo and [ __ ] so [ __ ] up time get off the [ __ ] bannistar what are you doing boker [ __ ] stoke on the panel starts derelict no AMA right doesn't air give us what is it give me the [ __ ] thing no I Molech this motor of crows welcome where does he I was that wasn't anything else that was just depressing wasn't quite sure the man for the job but i can say with certainty that was quite wrong I'm not interested in your job think now I know all about your little job for fitz roy do you really want to take her over mine do you know how many people would kill to be head of security the crap mr.


DeWitt not but I promise you this I'll get what I want look her there's a door over here that's the way down I had thought you a fool dear brother when you told me that you heard wonderful music trumpeting from holes in the thin air I began to doubt your mental integrity but they have you made your fortune from these doodads you have lit the path for me as well what pink said in that box upon his brother heard a music coming from tears and he was able to transcribe that music and make his money off of it here so basically make money off songs from the future and what we swap out that for the handgun similarly if you don't know and Jeremiah Fink actually made his money because he was able to develop goals and unstuff from the future so he was able to go through Terry well pulling information through tears regarding guns and that's how he developed his [ __ ] and how he's rich now can you open this Elizabeth on I used to work for folks like fake really knows with the Pinkertons they call us in when the workers got restless to do what demonstrate the folly of men striking falling down tools you hurt people I'll tell you this sometimes there's precious need for folks left Fitzroy why cuz of folks like me there you go Oh not not him know so don't over here no cold book brenell any idea what it deciphers keep an eye out I think that's way back in the whatever shop some solid shop where does code on the wall yeah goddamn Yogi's down here how dare you call me know what's in here oh not therefore still need can't thank you Oh their salts off him give us that no no don't need it sound all right let's see what's in here now murder better gear man a strike against staggered enemies at sixty percent chance to critical hit victims take twenty-five percent that was a waste of [ __ ] lock picks one move to [ __ ] there's else late so you're damned if you do damned if I think you twisting biology they're painted see Chen Ling got Chow made his face looks like a bag of plums where are we right now they wouldn't hear any of it now we need to find someone else to me his face looks like a rhubarb crumble damned he's dead I see heads and I see tail it's all a matter of perspective why are you following us who sent you Comstock what do you want what do you hear from this ain't dead listen and that angle alive look son when this is becoming rather awkward this one needs a bit of a nudge shut up you [ __ ] it's another columbia different the same point a different perspective it's tapes d alive we have to go through to this other Columbia it's like riding a bicycle we'll never really forget one just needs the courage to climb aboard all right come on let's get it done hell yes the repeater is a big bag of shite anyway so I'll be taking that but there this is kind of the part that I meant about fitzroy the whole deal with fitz roy not mattering I mean it Booker and Elizabeth are still running around trying to solve this deal for fitz roy when fitzroy in this columbia is [ __ ] [ __ ] oh she is actually taken church she's not gonna want that ship let alone even remember to [ __ ] deal if you get where I'm coming from we jumped into a Columbia where the deal was never made possibly hence why when you meet up with fitz roy and you say about the ship she looks at you like you've 10 heads stop LJ by Jabba ya hear slight stop yo jibba jabba yeah yeah bullet between the eyes sure he's still alive in the other Columbia you don't matter he's just dead in this one we're in a world where he was never murdered somewhere we'll find out wise I don't suspect you can change something like that have everything else remain the same nope hence why to deal with Daisy nails coming get down on the deck oh [ __ ] hahaha gimme it where do you draw lots no it's hard to see what all the red in this game sucks Jesus tocas blade in the head off this old business makes my head hurt all right um let me just see here what we're what worked working with RPG clip size I feel like I need a damage boost to something anything no more for the shock or no so the thing is when you spend another five hundred then you're in danger territory with regards to money so my just let it go a little bit over the 1000 mark before I spend money because if I'm hovering around 300 after buying an upgrade you seen yourself there I just died three times in rapid and of succession so don't leave myself open for that again

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