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hi I'm Steve cancel your friendly handyman and welcome to my website I've been a handyman for over 20 years I panel jobs for all kinds of businesses and homeowners I'm very effective spill and press ball and I charge very reasonable rates I think it would be happily surprised at my rates if you have a chance to even mean to get to or if I just haven't found a time or don't have the experience please give me a call today stoop I'll come over and I'll provide a free estimate for your work and while i'm there you can also let me know of any other projects they make me coming up i would like to give you a ten percent off coupon just missing you saw this video on my website so please give me a call today at 8 155 459 576 and again i am happy to give you a free estimate and also ten percent off flavor to seniors and veterans all the time

8 155 459 576

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