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What’s Next from City Wide? Handyman Services

welcome to another what's next from citywide in this video we focus on handyman services and the benefit of using the same management company for all your maintenance needs hi I'm Chris Terrio statewide maintenance I specialize in providing more than 20 services to my clients including handyman services by sourcing handyman services through citywide the client benefits by saving time saving money and reducing stress ok citywide manages complete handyman solutions for your building including interior and exterior painting flooring install and repair drywall install and repair supplemental labor furniture and equipment assembly lighting services window repair weather stripping light carpentry hanging pictures and decorations moving furniture junk removal minor electrical minor plumbing roof repair and tile repair handyman services can be a one-time service for scheduled regularly as a matter of fact recently one of our current janitorial service customers came to us in need of some handyman repair with their ceiling tiles and their lights she was so pleased with our response time and their quality of work as she has since scheduled us to come on a quarterly basis to maintain their belly and we would love to do the same preemie for more information about handyman and other services please visit

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