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DIY. Monster electrics eel diorama (thalassophobia/Cryptid/creature/resin art)

Use foil to create the original shape coating polymer clay outside and shaping details These tiny teeth take me over an hour of work, and it shortens to just a few seconds for you to see. Use acrylic paint to paint after heating it in an oven at 170 degrees for 20 minutes I love this crafting while it only takes a few seconds to order them online I have received a lot of compliments for these slim hands. How do you feel ^^! This scene is very interesting! Please focus I had a lot of trouble coloring them.


After that, the watercolors will be washed away, I had to start over with acrylic color This part looks cool, the brush looks like it has magic! Use mica sheets to make pouring molds because they are quite non-sticking A thin layer of epoxy will fix the parts and prevent air bubbles from the sand THANKS FOR WATCHING! .

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