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Dr. Panda’s Handyman Part 1 – best app demos for kids – Ellie

hi there I'm Ellie from smart apps for kids and I'm going to show you a demo what this app looks like on the inside when you've seen enough click this icon at any time during the video to read more about it or to download it from the App Store here we go do you have a little handyman around your house or little handy girl who likes to get in and help fix things or destroy them and then have them needing fixing well doctor panda's handyman has got something to help them learn how to put things back together again in a game format of course ok let's press play and now one have a look well here we are in the attic of course it's the Attic because there are bats I'm gonna tap the bats blinking at me and there's a ghost which is sticking its tongue out I mean it's tapped the ghost is gone and we can set this lighter swinging but there are things to do up here in this attic down here is something that's wiggling at me so let's tap it and find out what we need to do well it's a sorting station so we're going to drop these in these hungry-looking sorting machines oh they get very excited and jump up and down what happens when I try and put in the wrong 100 they get pretty cross and spit them out again yay all done hey dr.

Panda what do you think Oh high five yeah alright that's all done there's that ghost again go away let's tap this sparkly toolbox and see what we have to do here ah we need to sort the tools so there's a saw and a Stanley knife and a wrench and some pliers and we're done are you back for another high-five yay and those little but doesn't mean that we've finished the Attic and I get to choose another sticker to put on my super board there we go little back let's see what we have to do next Oh Oh a whole heap of things just broke in the polar bears bedroom so let's tuck these cute little chairs and do some mending all right we're gonna or seize these legs back into place I wish it was this easy in real life ah and the chairs fixed there's still some painting to do I'm gonna mix these colors blue and red when we mix them together makes purple and now we paint the chair all over we done yet oh and dr.

Pandas back for another high-five yay and now the chairs are both purple and fix but they're still small broken things let's have a look at this cupboard alright a blank guy it's a blank canvas let's do some painting let's all look at that it's a mirror image so we can learn a bit about symmetry here let's do some stripes and maybe some pink spots puh-puh-puh buh-buh-buh how's that but gorgeous I think so let's have another look up I want some green nice big green and the polar bear looks HAP who's in there you nuts happen it's how long is that polar bear being missing I wonder good thing they found him alright the bunk bed ladder has just fallen over all right we need to soar off these rough edges and this one there we go now we're nice and smooth oh oh I could do with one of these at home to lower things into place there are the bottom slats and the bottom bunk all beautifully made up in green already and the top slats lowered in oh and the top mattress in purple and the ladder just zooms into place and now we've got a hammer those those slats in there we go hammer in the nails there we go and make sure they're secure there are you please polar bear family oh god both children and jumping on the bed so that'll test how well I did with hammering in the nails yay and we finished the bedroom I wonder what's next and we've Oh every time I walk into a room things break I think that's supposed to happen what's his cheese down here wide enough she comes down oh and what's at the window we just opened it to let some oh it's raining now did I make that happen what happens when I open it again nice and sunny I've just tapped a little broken panda mask on the right hand side let's see what we do oh dear it's in bars and it's broken last time I do this it was a different valve so it looks like different ones turn up randomly which is good it means you're not going to get the same game every time you back for another high five high five dr.


Panda which yeah it's beautiful up except this lights just broken alright a tapping nope nothing all we do we need a bulb alright let's screw the bulb in by tapping across it pushing across it oh and we get a choice of different leg shades I'd like a birdie lampshade it's gorgeous can I turn it on now oh wow I could do with one of them for my room hi dr.

Panda I know what you'd like goodness a hole-in-the-wall just appeared oh they're on the outside looking in I take it you're not going to help monkey family just going to watch well this isn't too hard a puzzle it's a different puzzle every time different random element of bricks and we are now rendering the wall make it nice and smooth so we can't see those bricks anymore and oh we're going to paint it I think I'd like a nice green wall here roll roll roll are we designating that done yet are we done yes we're done what do you think monkey family I know it's a bit of a sloppy job there's some spots honest but they seemed pleased are we done with this room the baby monkeys still crying oh no he looks happy now Wow I think I think I'd like a glockenspiel my sticker boards looking very very full now Oh Oh more things broken okay let's fix these tiles Hey before someone cuts themselves on mum okay jackhammer or ah well that's quite satisfying nothing like a bit of loud noise when you're doing some handiwork okay all those broken tiles are gone spread the tile glue gloop gloop gloop and let's lay some tiles oh we can we could do a pattern where you could just put random ones in there's some little clouds up there look at that all right this is not what it call very stylish feature piece in the middle of lounge room what do you think we'd have oh um hold on did we grow out these no or up it's okay they're special tiles they don't need browsing just vacuuming the giraffes seem pleased alright that aquarium is jumping at me so let's have a look all sorts of things to pop in a very empty aquarium let's put a crab in and a starfish we can pop these wherever we like wonder how much we have to do to it are we needed to put at least one fishy in you'll dine at a castle oh and the treasure chest and some coral perfect Oh feed the fishies bigger fishes there you go huh Oh beautiful little fishies I think we're done nope nope nope jobs never done gonna clean the girl clean the glass it's algal growth on it so quickly yay high five all right what else is it oh look at my query Amit looks beautiful but uh that picture just fell off the wall so let's go and fix that hmm I see a big cross there and ha ha ha like drilling holes we go and put the screw in and why are we using a screwdriver when we've got an electric drill that's right I like twisting it and putting the screw in alright you're our family ok well let's pick the giraffe picture and hang it from the screw ha ha perfect haha and this room is all done beautiful I think we need a blue top hat at the bathroom is a dripping tap then a door just fell apart right cuts out here nothing okay let's fix that dripping tap there's nothing I hate more than a dripping tack actually there probably are a lot of things but still the bathtubs coming in right down you go bathtub handy little contraption well we need to connect the pipes up when you get close they just drop into place which is good for little players we go and turn the water on and baby monkey can have a ball and I blew a fix that dripping tap oh that walls falling to pieces it looks like it's a door shape okay hand me the hammer let's break stuff whack out all of the masonry are we done done perfect shape for a door thank you and let's color it in hmm put a big swoop on yep colorings not really my forte is it oh well we done hello monkey family you liked it who said well up yep I think they like it hooray now this room is done and I would like a rocking horse and here we are back in the Attic again so that's all the minigames you've seen them all let's poke that ghost again did you like dr.

pandas handyman yeah no me too lots of fun now don't go without clicking on our smart apps for kids links for great reviews free apps every single day and the best giveaways.

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