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DIY: 5 Gift Ideas for Cat Lovers – Gift Set How to

hey guys cats are my favorite animals they are so cute silly and fluffy and today's project is inspired by crafted that's why I will show you how to create a cute DIY gift set it includes five different cat inspired things this set is a perfect gift for a cat lady or gentleman in your life or just for yourself it's easy and fun to recreate so let's get started to create a top and a back with a cat print you will need an uncooked potato a cutter fabric paint in the color of your choice a cutting tote bag and a top start off by cutting the potato in half then with a marker or pen draw the shape of a cat's head then with the cutter start cutting the shape along the guideline if you have that cut a little bit into the potato and start cutting along the edges I cut in about five millimeter or so this way we can remove the excess potato just carefully cut out everything else outside the shape you drew on to create a stamp then take a folder or thick paper and place it into the tote bag to avoid the paint staining the other side of the back if you have that you can go ahead and apply the fabric paint onto the potato and carefully place it under the fabric I used our brush to apply the paint this way I could apply the right amount of paint without wasting it just carefully place the potato onto the fabric and press it down and then slowly remove it if you notice anything about the stem that you don't like you can just remove it with a cutter repeat this process until you are happy with the design for the gray shirt I used white fabric paint I kind of liked that the color was not so well covering this way the stem created a unique cat design and if you get any pain somewhere else you can quickly remove it with a q-tip I also added some whiskers and a nose to some of the cat patterns I think this makes the design even cuter and if you would like to create a paw pattern cut the potato in half but along the thin side then draw a heart the wrong way around and then for small circles around the top area if you have that go ahead and cut out the shape the same way as we did with the cats hat with this stamp I kind of created a tail on the back of the shirred but you can also claim the whole shirt with this pattern as well then I quickly went ahead and edit some more detail to the tote bag before I let everything dry when everything was dry I place a cloth on top of the fabric and paint and ironed it for a few minutes to make it machine washable and you are done this top and bag were so easy to create and I love how they turn out to create a cute cat Mac you will need a white mark porcelain paint or pants and rubbing alcohol first clean the outside of your mark with some rubbing alcohol to remove any oil then draw a hug for the nose the mouth and the whiskers right around the edge of the map be sure to draw the design on the opposite side of the muck when you hold it in your hand if you want you can add more detail to the mark I added a few cat paws and some cute cat arms then let it dry and bake it and again be sure to read the instructions of your pants or paint first and to create these 3d cat paw Sox I use a 3d liner in pink and you will also need socks first put some cardboard inside the socks but be sure that the heel of the sock is facing the ceiling if you have that go ahead and line out the heart the other way around and add four small circles around the top area as we did with the past am in the beginning then just paint everything in and let it dry to fix this pain and to make it machine washable you have to either iron it or bake it after that the paint got all puffy and you are done this 3d liner is great if you want to create 3d parts and make the socks slip resistant as well and if you would like to create the sleeping mask you will need light gray dark gray pink and white false fleece or fabric scissors white embroidery floss needles for the floss an elastic band and fabric glue if you don't want to sew first cut out the template I made for you then place it on top of the light gray fleece or felt and secure it with some needles then cut out the shape you will need two of them for the front and back side then cut out the heart shape using the template to make sure that the nose is at the same place as on the template I place a template onto the shape and Pierce both the needle right with a nose and mouth meet each other if you have that you can go ahead and glue on the nose with some fabric glue cut off some white floss thread a needle and make a few knots at one of the ends since you already have attached nose it will help us to stitch the cat's mouth I use a simple running stitch method I pass the needle in and then when I wanted to pass the needle out I went through the stitch I just created then I repeated this step you can decide what length you would like the stitches to be when I create one side of the mouth I pull the needle through one of the stitches on the back side to create a loop and then I pull the floss through this loop twice secure the stitch cut off the excess thread and repeat the step on the other side if you have that you can start stitching the whiskers and do the same for the eyes since I used felt I could pierce through a needle along the template this way tweedle creates a guideline for me then I went ahead and glued on the pattern above the eyes but I wouldn't recommend going on the ears just yet as it might not look cute in the end now I need to prepare the band so the mass can actually be worn for this step rub the elastic band around your head where you would wear the mask but don't pull on the band mark the length with a needle or pan so you know the link and then take the mask and place it under the band right next to the marked point and cut off the length of the mask now we need to glue the two pieces together for this step at the fabric glue to the backside pattern along the edges but be sure to leave out the areas on the left and right side where the band will be later place a pattern with the face onto the glue but be sure that the face is facing towards the desk as we will turn everything inside out press everything together and let it dry when the glue has dried go ahead and turn the mask inside out to make it the right way around you can use a pan or scissors to help you out I decided to add some folding so my mask is not too flat but this is optional as well now all we need to do is adding the elastic band for this step add some fabric glue to the openings and add the elastic band inside at about one centimeter or so firmly press the pieces together so everything can glue together very well read the same on the other side without twisting the elastic and now you can go ahead and glue on any areas that you might have missed and that everything dry and you are done light I put everything inside a tote bag and you get a cute gift set for you or your friend thank you guys for watching I also want to thank Hills head crafted for helping me create this cat inspired DIY when I learn about the food I fathered we actually have a lot of things in common for example they asked me about my artistic passion and why I like to crafts and one of my passions during the process of making videos for you guys is that I always pay attention to every detail because I believe that this way I can create the best content and the best quality that you guys deserve and what I like about this new product line called crafted is that they use thoughtfully stores ingredients and a high quality because you also believe that it's important to pay attention to details if you want to create good quality food so you can take good care of your furry friends and if you would like to learn more about crafted and what small-batch actually means to them check out my description box for more information I really hope you enjoyed this DIY gift set and folded helpful like this video if it did and subscribe if I haven't already so you don't miss any of my fun and easy DIYs in the future have a wonderful day everyone and see you next week

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