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hey usually across the right hand we are going through Wally yes mm-hmm is that okay if I call you yeah yeah definitely okay um while he's home in and we don't have to do I don't want her husband was able to solve that look like them well maybe not to but the next direction should I close that found me you have escape artist or should I leave it open yeah sure understand here we go and we have arranged all here and um we do have the other piece okay so it looks like that's one side is it no it's one of the circular ones I got it I don't know where my husband put it sure okay um a couple things about it is that you see ass in drywall and structural integrity of drywall is negligible so that's why it's pulling out if we put it back in the same place will be met with a similar result and this is wallpaper so we're kind of limited to what we can do so let's let's study it and find out a better alternative mm-hmm right nobody didn't need it if it's I guess we can't cover that with something else if it's just gonna fall let let me because we have fastener options you know what I was thinking about is there's a fastener if maybe you can imagine a wall one goes to you you poke a hole through and have two things that pop out Oh turn hold back and they're like installing a similar to a stamp it's not the ceiling fan so that what about a mechanism they call it a butterfly okay yeah okay yes a one fan here okay and these have the when we took the tour of the house they told us the fam right of the whatever yeah the fan rated box because sometimes they're just putting drywall mm-hmm and a famil phone oh yeah no good no but they have that's good to notice because at times we have to cut ceilings wide open bar with the yeah yeah okay no they said this yeah same thing and the other fan in this room okay thanks yeah take a peek I'm assuming the exact same kind of same light drink thank you I appreciate that oh yeah and the toilet tank which is going to fill valve and flapper but if no one uses it every once in a while you'll hear it engage calling for water that's what happens it does that all the time the fabric linking because there's a device that holds the water in and it I need a little bit of waters leaving that's what I'm thinking it's that rubber thing right it's like a big oh let me go through the other door I'll open before okay mm-hmm toilet flapper here we go here been grabbing everything that's really ty let's have flappers

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