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The One Thing You NEED to Succeed as a Handyman! A Handyman Interview

Hey friends Allen Lee here with honest Lee handyman services typically out of Sacramento, California, but right now I'm in Dallas, Texas Here on a business trip and this is a good friend and also a follower of the handyman journey Eric Smithers, so he works here in Dallas, Texas He's got a business called simics handyman services and you could check him out at pretty awesome guy today I kind of want to talk about the importance of having other handyman to kind of bounce ideas off of so a little while back we created a mastermind group on Facebook Just full of handyman, and that's actually how me and Eric met and it's just been really really impactful to have a community of Like-minded people that you kind of bounce ideas off of and so just want to kind of talk about that today And so Eric, what's one thing that you really like about the handyman mastermind group that we have? I like them networking Especially because whenever I first got on to it, I was able to you know, post a question and had different people You know here in Texas had different people, you know Could at the time I was in Georgia, and I had them I just posted a question saying hey What are the requirements for me to establish a business here in Texas? Right away.

I got a response from a few people that are down south and South, Texas I'm not mistaken a in San Antonio or a Houston area They do a lot in Houston. Yeah Yeah, but we had I want to get do you want to give a shout out to Vincent now Pharaoh loses in? Promised land remodeling and handyman services and Frisco, Texas, which is not that far from here He's been a great tournament itself and I've bumped ideas off of him outside of the group, but the group Specifically has been it's a great. There's a great dynamic of a skill level in there I'm not a you know, like I said, I'm a jack-of-all-trades master conjurer. So I like the idea that I can post a question And I get response from these different different entities in the group that can help me and support me And there's that one guy, you know, beau Thought about you know, posting a question about the the tile work and if you got any questions for Tom you know related to him and That I like I like having seeing stuff like that.

It allows you to not only network You can get questions and say hey, you know, what's the better, you know, I got a problem here I got this situation here You know, how do I best handle it and Weibull to you know, basically just channel You know or aggression and our ideas and everything so it's just a matter of as it's just a collaboration of all these skill levels, you know, and it's very Appealing to those like me you know first we start in the first segmented company and to to better focus our our marketing efforts and you know, How you know get it from you know, the the senior people who've got there been you know rolling and then had their companies well established and you know learn from their mistakes and learn from them and you know, obtain as much advice One thing is is that you know, the road to success is always under construction There you go.

I feel like I've heard that somewhere we're Both on your website. That's right I mean the road to success is always under construction always are learning something new every day because there's always gonna be somebody out there who doesn't you or Who can do it faster than you? Or maybe cheaper than you But you never know but you know, you always want to try to you know Try to learn something to try to better yourself in this I think the whole group itself is It plays into it allows you to just to grow Yeah, definitely I've had the same experience I mean I started it just because I wanted to kind of gather Like-minded people to talk to you know and I've really been blown away because the support that comes from that group has been really amazing and She's been really awesome because like often times as an entrepreneur like there's not very many people around you that are like-minded Maybe your spouse maybe a friend if you're lucky So it's cool to have this group of like-minded people that you can kind of bounce ideas off of and and they help you out Like if you have a big question that you've been dealing with like they will help you out Even there's even been personal questions on their ass.

So I think that's pretty cool that we become kind of like a family so That's good. That is great and it's great for you know, having that they call my artery. They're The one thing I don't like I mean, it's not I mean, I don't know what it takes to eat to run YouTube channel But I mean in my eyes, you know Outside of the box thinking I would soon that it's not that much So to have somebody going in this tomba hands to the A through Z of the business running a business And you're just trying to get all you're trying to ascertain as much as you can from this video or how you know these People who whether they're in a trade or whether they're doing handyman or whatever they're doing and they're centered building a deck On the side of a house and you're like, okay. Well, how did you how did you get that dude? Or how did you properly you know, how did you put that up here? Right, but whatever you did and but you get know everything you try and you can sit there and try to you know Ask questions, but you know your questions gonna fall on deaf ears also because it gets drowned out by then You know thousands of comments they get posted on that video about having their Facebook profile.

Allen lee

Yeah I mean it allows you to have a voice Yeah allows you to you know Get your question out there and it gets answered may not get answered by the person you're you know You're trying to ask but you get other like-minded individuals After you've been in that situation or who know who have the answers may not have the right answers all the time But they can point you in the right direction Yeah, and having that that that that source that capital source, you know that resource to your and your disposal was with me Yeah, I think a lot of I think a lot of you know, if you're a handyman or tradesman I think you should be involved in heavily involved in trying to help you know those around you yeah, I think that's the biggest thing that what drew me close, you know to watching your videos and subscribing it was because they they You not only are you walking the walk but you're talking to talk as far as you know being honest and being dependable in having that so there's a reason why there's a Success in that and it's because somebody can come up to you and talk to you I mean all we see is a face in a you know, a nickname right right doesn't That doesn't make it personal doesn't do anything I was like, who are you I mean just some dude is just talking on the YouTube video.

Yeah Yeah, but having that connection getting to meet somebody that yeah that's been in my shoes and has you know, that's you know That that's further away from me in trying to ascertain as much information and tips and pointers is key to success definitely, that's well said that's really well said yeah, so we're gonna link The link to the Facebook mastermind group in the description below this video So be sure to check that out because we'd love to have you join our community it's like you said, we we don't have all the answers, but we definitely Have some answers and it's pretty sweet.

It's fun to just bounce ideas off each other So everything else about that or for everybody else? Cuz I know that the group was People like one to meet you in the face I feel bad Come you, you know, you meant you never know You may be going on a business seminar and he might be rolling up in there. You never know Yeah, I think it's just lucky but I just I'm in the area. They most frequent I guess yeah But I'm sorry that you know, if you're you know in North Dakota or you know your long stretches of the balls away from here and you can't come and meet and I mean that's understandable and I'm sorry I am Thanks, it's been awesome talking to you and I mean I will be jumping around the the United States for sure going to be seminar so Wherever I'm at, I will definitely be posting in the mastermind group So you could definitely I would love to meet you me I met I met another handyman today from the Mastermind group and it's just super awesome talking with him and hearing his story because we all have different stories So it's all it's all fun so I know in I think August I'm heading to LA and then in September I'm heading to San Diego.

Those are in California. They didn't know And then we'll be going are I on some other times but so yeah So anyways, thank you all so much for tuning into this video Give it a like. Yeah. Yeah, give it a like. Yeah, if you want to check out my webpage Yes semuc services com If you're in the Dallas Metroplex area and you want to you know Get in contact with Allen He can give you my number or he can direct you or you can send a message through my Facebook will put his info in The description below and I mean I'm open I'm an open-minded person I'd like to receive compliments usually constructive criticism So I mean if you have some something to say to me, please, you know voice your opinion or voice your ideas And I'd be more than happy to hear them and try to improve on it and he problems I have and try to You know take your take your advice in work with it If you just want to spit ball ideas with me, I'm open today as well move on the website.

Also got Facebook to you Look at civics handyman services. My mother Facebook is route. Yep. Awesome, man Appreciate well, thank you all for tuning in and thank you Eric for being part of this video. Thank you Y'all have a have a good one. We'll see you.

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