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Ratchet and Clank (HD Collection) Walkthrough Part 1: Handyman Hero

what's going on guys welcome to the Ratchet and Clank collection as you know I'm very very very excited for this this is another collection a game for the past I have never played and people said if you love the jak and Daxter one which I did this is right up your alley so perfect let's do it up oh that was kind of loud there for a second alright it's good alright I'll ask you do I have to turn you down no I don't okay alright so welcome to Ratchet and Clank this collection is a great deal you get the first three games for 30 bucks so that's ten bucks a game and if you're like me I think these are a great idea because you know people like me you might be like me some games of the past you never played you want to play them but it's very hard to find old games nowadays –nt price so something like this is right up my alley and hold on I met turned out my mic per second this is way too loud sorry about that it just sometimes the levels go up but oh yeah we're good we're good let's go new game Dave saw one of course save this data I'm very very very excited for this just chills down my spine and everything 11:13 in the morning man those guys nearly burned what it doesn't fill the screen final step attach robotic ignition system thank you for using helpdesk technology freakin IKEA there are no help what slow meanwhile in a factory oh he's so adorable he's like Robo Junior run run little man run we're gonna get you operation bail like 20 minutes later I took them 20 minutes to get into space like that quit speedo okay we can play now what I didn't get is that cutscene was in a four by three now it's in sixteen by nine free service how much are they charging me no I guess we get the play now I'm gonna try to run over the controls the X squares to do that circles duh ooh this magic spell bit gonna summon triangles inventory oh okay so those are bombs alright well duck jump o boomerang alright well that's just the controls will get playing baddies going down oh yeah oh yeah I'm gonna assume I have to collect a lot of these screws just because you know collection is just being a collection Asst plus they're probably gonna be important in every street what appear don't break the flower can I not break but I can hit it I like to hit stuff so that's okay with me I'm gonna assume this is gonna be like currency so I'm gonna just go smash everybody smash yeah this is another game I kind of do on a whim you're the problem with me is if I find a game interesting I'm gonna do it but that doesn't mean I'm gonna stick to one sort of genre that just means I'm gonna do a lot of random games so you're not always gonna find something you like on this channel but there's gonna be loss of dignity that almost got me hit the French meringue didn't fall through there all right well more smashing I love breaking stuff so far I can see this is a little less platformer than jak and daxter a little more out teleMed then again jak and daxter started out easy and jak ii was like hell now a game was hard oh well let's keep it going I hope 300 along to disable helpdesk messages please select options from your paws manager I'm gonna leave those on for now cuz they might actually say might give me something helpful yeah so for now I'll leave them on until they get like a really annoying and then I'll probably turn them off which which seems fair and I can see it getting annoying real quick just some of those things kind of do okay so you okay double jump I guess it kind of just lets you go in the air a little longer so it's look not exactly like jak and daxter then again the same people that make it sort of a given zone they're similar game so I'm just kind of trying to treat it like they're the same weight from behind so I guess this is that when I hear it hey there sit by them or collect them but I haven't taken damage yet so alrighty well was that I don't think so woah ok his ranges will better than mine but one more yeah I should probably go the other way first cuz I don't want to miss anything this music is really catching it it's all up the beat and kind of get you in the mood smashy smashy so we're gonna miss strike one oh-ho two-for-one that's the best kind of free do for one for the win oh man sorry I'd like a grand I'm glad I kind of didn't miss out on this little corner it's a lot of a lot of screws man I must take these down to Home Depot later and get like a buck each for no screw we do not have no nuts we don't have no pulse we don't need I'll be easier if I may leave them but I think that's kind of the states though in there hey Drago Drago oh-ho that is so awesome whoops I mean do that but so far this bombs of kicks but I mean I'm gonna frag out I guess I can't go any farther closer Oh Franco Oh two-for-one more bummed love mo alrighty oh that's it King mo from here I don't want to far away oh ho ho he almost got me there nah shut a buddy now today now when I got the power tools on my side this is the life of your everyday handyman just stupid mechanic but he's not fixing stuff he's smashing stuff what do these people do anything from no man just senior yeah I guess but here's a crash ship what's going on with it jetpack interesting you're quite handy with your wrench hmm currently I'm in search of someone who could be of assistance in saving the solar system do you know where I might find that fellow well he's on the radio every week other than that no hey what's with all this save the solar system stuff anyway hello citizens of no valise my race the blog have a small problem our planet has become so polluted of a block related and poisonous that we are no longer able to dwell here but I chairman drek have a solution we are constructing a pristine new world using the choicest planetary components available using highly sophisticated technology which you couldn't possibly understand we will be extracting a large portion of your planet and adding it to our unfortunately this change in mass will cause your planet to spin out of control and drift into the Sun where it will explode into a flaming ball of gas but of course sacrifices must be made and if you don't like it you can take your whiny sniveling snotty-nosed populations oh that was perfect that was perfect the people all most planets are hosed well good luck getting captain Qwark to help you actually you could help me if you could use your ship to take me to the coordinates contained in this info bot I might be able to get a further information there even if I wanted to I can't I'm missing a crucial component of the ship the robotic ignition system how did you know there I sir happen to be equipped with the latest in robotic ignition systems my programming allows me to start any ship I choose so I agree to take you to this wherever it is and you get my ship started for me that is what I'm proposing what I love the idea and I got a turn on subtitles cuz I I almost forgot about that oh I see this could be a problem wait they left already take care of it whoa this is great so that's where I've been stuck this whole time please return your appendages to the steering mechanism sir huh oh right sorry oh and by the way you could stop calling me sir the name's ratchet pleased to make your acquaintance sir you got a name my serial number is B by four to nine six I'll just call you crank for sure hang on I thought I was back playing but I think I said that that same the most beneficial if your citizens were not in the city when my workers you have no choice I don't see what's so funny captain Qwark could dispatch you without even breaking a sweat you're right we're withdrawing my troops what a dick why don't you use a sack of oranges they don't leave bruises so you got to do it right now what a landing ten out of ten they're ace pilot ratchet oh sorry about that well we're not leaving the way we came in perhaps we could procure a ship from one of the inhabitants if there are any left oh cool he's our backpack wasn't that nifty and it's saving the game she'll saving in the bottom right corner the screen it's obviously saving so don't turn out the power oh you'll corrupt it and have to start all over again but uh subtitles get us from solved I almost forgot about that but they're on now but I think I skipped part of a cutscene because I thought I was back playing so I uh hit start to turn on subtitles but it's like nope we're still in the scene so I skipped a little bit but I love to do this not a big deal now all we're doing is kind of like Wilkin it on a ship anyway so I think we're okay so actually let's see what's in this that good old box here


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