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DIY | 5 Minute Macrame Planters

hi guys I have a special guest today this is my neighbor Cinda and I was so happy when her family moved in because they had young kids but it wasn't until I went over to her house and discovered her obsession with Akram a that I knew he would be friends it's serious and today we're going to show you how to make these gorgeous macrame planners in just a few minutes I'm Brooke and I'm passionate about making beautiful things for my family on a budget all you need to get started is some macrame cord your favorite potted plant and a pair of scissors first we're gonna cut four equal pieces of this macrame court now I've come up with a funky little formula to do that our finished piece is gonna be 32 inches but you can adjust it for any lengthy one we're gonna take a piece of cord that's 32 inches x 2 add the width of our planner and then you'll want to add an additional 24 inches that's a lot of math but you're making it very easy I promise and repeat that three more times now for the fun part we're gonna fold the cords in half and tie a knot at the top of that fold clean up this knot by tugging on each of the cords until it's nice and pretty and next you want to hang it on either a hook or a doorknob or in my case okay and then you're gonna take any two cords and simply tie a knot and go all the way around so you'll have four separate knots and make sure they're all the same distance from the top okay can you hold us for me again yeah next I want you to take two adjacent knots and one cord from each one of those knots and simply tie them together and it'll look like nuts and then just go around until you have four knots making sure they're all at the same level okay so we're almost done all we've got to do now is make sure that our pot fits and if it doesn't just adjust that second row but ours fits so let's do our final knot and that's it would you like to do the honors absolutely I'm a little guy in there oh my gosh I have literally been terrified of making one of these for years and we just tied 10 knots and we have this adorable planner I mean if you can tie knot you can make this simple macrame cleaner I love the way it looks when you contrast the color of the rope with the color of the pot or you can use wider jute cord for a natural organic look in bright cord adds a fun pop of color finally my contribution to this project some decorative beads I spray-painted gold alright guys these planners turn out so cute and oh thank you for showing all you be they were to make tell me in the comments below if you'd like to see more macrame projects and we'll see you next Friday bye guys

adorable planner

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