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Gorilla Gripper Advantage Easy Panel Lifter: By The Weekend Handyman #GorillaGripper

you i Kenned a national hardware show 2015 here in Las Vegas and strolling around looking for a different cool fun stuff that is great for the handyman handy woman and this is definitely one of those things so if you're trying to be handy and not kill yourself or get serious injury trying to lift stuff landa is going to tell us about his product which is really very cool so here you going thank you this is the gorilla gripper it's a hand tool for carrying heavy she coats like drywall plywood melamine MDF osb party backer anything that comes in sheets for construction and basically what it does is it lifts it from the top so you're not getting underneath the material on lifting it over your head bending lifting it with a bent back bend down he lifts with a straight back stand up and you can walk straight it's easy to set it back down it's easy to carry it and you're not ducking through doorways this is the newest model of the gorilla gripper it's made of a 30-percent glass filled nylon it's virtually indestructible it's a pound lighter than our other gripper and it's got a lifetime warranty and we guarantee that you can lift a hundred pound shoot anything with this thing without hurting your back and it's much cheaper than a trip to the chiropractor so it's a gorilla gripper it's that simple you just lift we're going to find out more information about the gorilla gripper you can find out more information and see our demo videos at guerrilla gripper com there you go girlie gripper calm go there check it out and demo videos how to's why not all that fun stuff excellence going to be there thank you landed thank you very much you


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