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Comp@reQuotes Comp@reQuotes all the right choices CompareQuotes is an independent company that hand selects the most reliable, professional and affordable businesses in the trade and service industries. The following business has consistently met our standards and they are a supplier that we can highly recommend. Leo: Well hi; I’m Leo at Aussie Handyman. Just got me doing a little bit of jib rocking. Leo Christopher: My name is Leo Christopher; I’m Principal of Aussie Handyman. Our company does light bulbs to renovations. I have a lot of elderly people that can’t change the light bulbs they haven’t got ladders. Corporate wise, we do lighting services, we do office maintenance. We have a one-time core policy and that is that if somebody has got a variety of problems in their house and a lot of requirements.

All they got to do is to give me one phone call and I will take care of every type of problem laid in my hand. I remember one person, I had a gigantic, a metal steel way in the back yard, she said nobody can get away. I got a crane, and we lifted it over the house and we got it away. Leo: Storm water drains, not a problem, they got to be checked, you don’t want it to be flooded up. Leo Christopher: I’ve got a team of tradesman, civil engineers, I’ve got structural engineers, I’ve got builders, carpenters, tailors, plumbers, I’d even got my wife involved as an interior decorator. So we have actually restored homes and we have even supplied the furniture. While I’m doing the painting, the plumber could be doing the rainwater tanks. Just finishing off, looking good, better than you. I don’t have a limitation to when I do the work. If I for example get a call from an office and they don’t want to disrupt their daily routine, we’ll do the job after hours.

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If people say look it’s got to be done on a Sunday, we’ll do it on a Sunday. Garage doors can be at pain sometimes, they don’t work properly we can do it. When we finish the job we clean up. I had some jib rockers here and I said I can’t believe it. They’re cleaning up so well.” I said, “Well, that’s a part of the service” And we will not leave, you don’t have to pay us until you’re happy. We do it all, one phone call. AUSSIE HANDYMAN PTY.LTD 0408 664 510 undefined.

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