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hey pizer wants to give some money back in your wallet by doing simple things around your house right it's certain things you can take a lot of money on your heating bill keith is a bigger professionals who are helping him safe the body heat morning yep where i hain't up this morning with Joe Frenchie's a local handyman and and Joe you've gone into many homes where there are situations where they need to take care of some energy energy problems yeah our business we have two phone calls for everything from weather stripping doors to fixing the leaky windows replacing windows a whole series of different things and this time of years you guys forget lots of Kabul you've seen a lot again the gamut of energy problem we sure have and so one of the people you before you would get in the door you may have to talk to this guy Eric George he's with the building performance group and what are we done here Eric to setup and test his home well right now we got upset up is the blower door system and it's going to simulate air leakage in the house so basically 20 mile an hour winds hitting the house from every angle at the same time so it's going to show us those points where it is actually coming into the house so okay we have to pressurize the house they get your infrared gun near two sets where these problems my feet right all right well arrogant were drunk you home under that that right there oh look like there's an issue with our their energy gun up that's not that doesn't mean anything right there all right so look at around the house we test this earlier with the with the infrared gun and we have some trouble areas above windows like this right so above windows typically they're not cocked or foam very well you'll see air leakage coming through the window around the woods through the trim between the trim of the wall so we're going to you know we found some places right there we also found a couple places down by the fireplace a little bit lower it can be sealed up as well and then around the corner we have a couple other air leakage points and then right around the corner that and seem like the biggest problem you know with the energy-efficient doors the weather stripping is still good but it's that trouble Larry only point right here the trouble areas was right in here where it's it's kind of a 50 insulation if there is any and then up through here and just as simple what could we do to simply fix that well would you see the crack between the trim and the wall right there all you really didn't use is the latex caulk and see over the trail to the wall and just go around the trim right there and you'll see little spots some some great tips this morning and we're going to show you some actual some fixes on weather stripping around doors and the attic access that you can fix and help out those areas too so so Candace and Lindsey that's going to be a good morning this morning to actually save you some money


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