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These are called extraction nails, but most people know them as an "easy-out" delusion They use them when you have a bracket or broken screw like this Here we have a small axis and at the end of a broken screw, and we need Let's get this out, so the best thing you do first is try to dig into this With a suitable drilling rig and drilling machine, you may get rid of it But in most cases, if you don't have a left-hand drill, you drill it And you still cannot remove the screw, you have to resort to experiment This set, success with these nails changes, sometimes it succeeds, sometimes They don't, if they don't work, you have to drill the whole big nail out and then And you can re-seal the hole, and if it works for you, you can often You can overlook the hole mistake and put in another big screw, so first One thing to do, is to determine the center of the broken bolt using the Another small screw.


It's really tough, but I'll do my best This is the center, I'm going to knock it over here, and that was it A little high, I'll lower the point a little, and we'll just be Roads again, and I think this is closer to the center, and now we will I'm going to take a core drill and dig the center I chose a drill blade and it's a bit smaller than a screw extractor And this is what we'll be using, so I'm going to dig this all with this blade Indeed, you have seen that the actual drill fits into it It dived into the big screw inside the hub so I still had to We dig out, and see if we can use a nail extractor with it Sure I punched a hole with a suitable depth, and now I have the screw The extractor, and I'm going to put it in the hole where I drilled I will tap it, bring up a small switch, and hold it by pressing And I'm rotating counterclockwise And as you can see, it really works, and she extracted the broken screw Sometimes doing this will be very difficult It will keep spinning on nothing, and keep not working anywhere on anything You have to be very careful not to break the nail extractor head In the screw, because if this happens you are in trouble, because the screw extractor Very hard and you will struggle to get them out, and this was the basis for how to use Nail Extractor or Easy Puller, as I said, you will have success Limited to using this method, some succeed and some not, this is here It was very easy, and I've used it in the past and they were They work fine every time I use them, and I only end up drilling in the hole And it's completely out, and even getting the nail out is easy, by way of Left-handed screw, so when you put in here, pressed, then when And you unscrew it counterclockwise, and it gets in with that The screw so you can remove it, so it works sometimes And sometimes it doesn't work, but it's worth a try

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