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Plywood & Wood Siding Repair and Repairing Wood Rot | Mr. Handyman

Hello. Do you have wood or plywood siding? T-111? Or RB&B? Something that has seen better days? Has water running off the roof damaged
the siding on your chimney or your home? Has your deck become a hazard
due to rotten decking, seats, stairs, maybe the railing? Has the trim around doors and
windows, maybe the corner of your home, begun to deteriorate? If you've noticed any of these
situations around your home, then Mr. Handyman can help. Water coming down the roof against
the chimney is one of the first places the wood rot begins. The uphill side of the chimney and then
water running off the roof and down the sides can cause significant damage. Wood and plywood siding is common here in
Florida, and we repair and replace both. Fiber cement products on the market
today are far more durable than the plywood and lap siding of old, and
are great replacement options for the wood siding and exterior trim. If your deck has seen better days, we
can pressure wash it, replace rotten decking, stair treads, railings, and then
stain it and return it to useful life.

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Other common wood rot projects include
repairing damaged doors, replacing damaged wood fascia and soffit,
replacing the post to your mailbox. When you call Mr. Handyman for your siding and wood
rot repairs, you're hiring a licensed general contractor that believes
in offering quality service and convenience to every customer served. Our service technicians are
employees, not subcontractors. They've been background checked. They've been drug-screened for
your safety and satisfaction. The same technicians average 20-plus
years of industry experience in a wide variety of home repair, home maintenance
and home improvement categories. These are seasoned professionals. They arrive on time, prepared to work. And they will clean up when done. They will not be satisfied
until you're satisfied. Mr. Handyman offers scheduled
appointment times. We are a BBB-accredited business
with an A-plus rating and we're multi-year winner of the coveted
Angie's List Super Service Award. Please call to discuss how Mr. Handyman serving Greater
Jacksonville can assist with your siding and wood rot needs. Call today at (904) 579-2205. Or visit our website,

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