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Caulking holes for quick and easy home repairs

Howdy all, on this Amazon page, you can buy all the tools we use and recommend but anything else your heart also desires. Who doesn’t like getting stuff in the mail? πŸŽπŸ’ƒ Plastering & Drywall Hawk Plastering/Drywall trowel Stucco/plaster Trowel Green sponge plastering float Two-handled plastering Darby Plasterer’s Scarifier

We took the liberty of researching the best tools at the lowest cost used by us.
This removes the guesswork for you out of buying plastering and other stucco tools.
Amazon quickly provides this luxury. Usually, two day delivery with Prime right to your front door… makes a person downright lazy but happy. πŸ‘

Plus, this helps support us a bit so we can keep making these teaching videos.

Keep in mind In all of our how-to show and tell videos, I explain in simple language that even my old granddad can understand.πŸ˜‰
Our channel is like a teaching lab at a tech school for plastering.

Big tip for all, while on our channel. You may also type in any question you may have on Stucco or Plastering, and like magic, a video will appear to explain or teach you how to DIY.
Then kick back, relax, and enjoy the show! 🍿
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Below are popular ones for your learning experience or to DIY. πŸ€” Plastering a new sand finish coat Same-day Plastering, Modern Plastering I’ve plastered every wall, man Plastering over concrete walls Teaching Internal plaster ceiling repairs Plastering professionals weekend warriors

Jason and I have also switched to new powerful, modern, and long-lasting all battery-operated Milwaukee tools for good reasons. Take the Dual Chemistry M18 Job-site Radio. For me, this is one of my favorite tools for any job site,
I plug my cell phone in the top, then listen commercial-free to my music all day. πŸ˜πŸ€”
We’ve also replaced our corded break out tool for the Milwaukee M18 FUEL Rotary Hammer, As it was always a drag finding an outlet then unwinding and re-winding our 100-foot extension cords.
Here’s a video about why we love it:
We exclusively use this battery-operated plaster/stucco/mortar mixing drill,

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For all you young or apprentice plasterers who want to Impress your friends with skill beyond comprehension, click here. The spinning plastering hawk secret is revealed at 4:33, so go out there and impress the heck out of your plastering co-workers and friends.

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Kirk and Jason Giordano with over 850 free Stucco/Plastering videos. Together we have created the most comprehensive encyclopedia of Stucco and Plastering videos ever produced globally, all by your favorite plastering messengers of YouTube.
Bringing peace, love, and brotherhood back into plastering.πŸŽ­πŸπŸŽ†

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