Milwaukee HD18 HIW 18v impact wrench torque test

it's been a while since I first reviewed the Milwaukee 18-volt in pipe wrench I've been using this quite a lot at work it's a very handy tool and it's got me up some very sticky situations when I first reviewed this somebody asked if I called the toy copper bolt to 210 Newton meters and see if this would undo it so I've got a bolt I've taunted up to 300 Newton meters and I've also used a thread lock so we're going to see if we can undo this I absolutely did that about six months ago but I find just that time now to do the video so I do apologize for that there's not many knots of all so this machine will not undo if it were on the room there's a good chance it'll shear them off and you'll be able to remove them that way so we're going to do the test simply undo the bolt that's tight up to 300 Newton meters and then after we've done that I'm going to give you a quick demonstration of its shearing ability before you use my bench of course you need your safety glasses on although this has been a reliable machine I did have a bit of a problem with the actual pin on there and it did become quite distorted so I did end up grinding that down a little bit but apart from that has been a really good machine and well worth the money it's also a good idea to put some ear defenders on when you do this because it can be quite noisy so we're not going to see if we can remove this balls [Music] so I think that was a definite yes it was a bit slow to begin with but once it broke the thread lock compound that did come up there quite easily to give you an idea the sheer capabilities of this machine I've rigged this little test up so I've got a play there we've put an m8 bolt in there 10 12 and 16 and all these are the tensile strength of 8.8 so we're going to try and tighten these and we'll tighten them until they actually chew off just to see what size fastener this machine can actually shear off sometimes they'll come to a fastener you can do it and the only way you can undo it is by shear in it so this machine is extremely useful for that if you try and use an impact wrench to shear a bolt off and you rolled in it with a spanner you're not going to do it because it's just going to keep bouncing so you need to lock it up again something once it's locked up you've then got a chance of shearing it so I'm not going to start with the m8 and work my way up to the m16 and see just exactly what we can shear off with this machine so we'll now try the intake the a 10:1 cousins actually shared such because the bolt that a huge wasn't actually one good off so I just touch the strictest sense on that one but I'm pretty sure that it is quite easily stripping em said so and we'll move on to the m12 so you can quite clearly see that it has shared the m12 so just the last one now to see m61 so I'll quite safely said that they won't cheer the m-16 but it has shared up to the m12 which is always useful if you stop

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