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These are natural and organic colours. We know that you skin conscious that's why we prepare these colours at home Firstly we will make holi colours For good fragrance add essential oil Add water in to and make paste Now add food colour in it. After mixing well put paste in a plate Now put the paste in sunlight for 10 minutes Organic Holi Colour is ready now Firstly use paper cone to fill colour in balloon Now blow the ballon and secure with a help of rubber band Now with the help of tape put the bomb in balloon's mouth like this. Now cut the rubber band. So now we will make dry fruit box Firstly paint the box with favourite colour and cover the inner side with paper sheets Now as per box size cut the cardboard and cover with sheets Paste artificial flowers and ribbons on the top of box Now we will make colour tray Paint the bowls with different colours Now cut the cardboard and paste white chart paper to cover it To make it more beautiful paste mirrors on the border now paste the bowl on the cardboard in this way


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