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if you've been following in my videos for very long you know I'm the most positive guy you've ever met so I always like to look at the really good things about about properties and about areas this is a fantastic area a fantastic house but I'm not going to sugarcoat it it needs a ton of work when I walked in here for the first time I thought wow that movie the money pit right so if you are not afraid of stuff then this is the house for you this will not will not go FHA Rural Housing KHS any of that stuff there's 10,000 things wrong with this house but what's great about it is the location there's a school you got a house here then a school and another school there and these houses here across then across the way in this neighborhood are just as cute as a button decorated to within an inch of their life and the location is great because you've got Main Street just right here you got Main Street Danville there's the courthouse you've got everything you need you can walk down to the post office there's a Dollar General right there at the bottom of the hill and you're just 28 miles to Lexington so it's a good commute but anyway great house great bones needs a ton of work you know probably needs you know just being honest with you it probably needs a hundred thousand dollars worth of work okay let's go check it out but look at this spot is this just great or what this is Main Street I mean you just walk right on down to the to the bars the pubs the restaurants yeah just those steps alone would preclude it from any kind of 100% financing peeling paint that would preclude it you know there's a lot of things the roof leaks a little bit again not going to sugarcoat I don't want a ton of calls on this thinking that you know oh wow we're going to get a real bargain and we're going to go hundred percent financing you will not this is a 20% down at leat 25% down at least or cash deal but look at the bones let's talk about the positive things staircase is lovely the newel post is is tight a little funky action going on here and then here a little patch I'm sure that was some kind of a register or floor grate and playing with paint here floors all need to be redone I mean majorly need to be redone the kitchen is petite and it needs work like this so if you can see past this you got yourself a bargain and and something to do I mean a lot of people just want something to do want to piddle around like a husband or uncle or grandfather or whatever father needs to do some work well this would be a fabulous place for that person maybe you're a handy girl not a handyman right you know plaster and leaking from above the flooring here is great at the old fireplace with those old tiles high ceilings I mean all the good things that an old house has you can see obviously this was someone's dream and they started this dream and then realized that it was a little bit more than what they could handle wait to see the bathrooms oh wow very impressive 16-inch stone I don't know what this is some kind of solid surface black cabinets very classy is decorated very well too that really helps of course when the decor goes you're just going to have an empty house so don't like the decor fool you you've got old fuses there so you got some wiring things there's another FHA preclusion I'm sure I'm not an expert on that I just got to know what what we've heard in the past squat upstairs I wouldn't admit this to just anybody but I just had the hooky scared right at me I was closing that door now turn around there's a mirror I saw myself kind of like the dog kind of funny in it you don't have to laugh I'm sure my wife will be cracking cracking up over that so you got good stuff and then you got like kind of stuff so just know it that's all here to show you the warts and all and all the good stuff I mean pretty sexy bathrooms really pocket door I love this little area here check this out I mean what do you do with a funky little spot like that well you make you know you got lemons you make lemonade look how beautiful this lemonade is little dressing room closet over here I'm not going to show you in there that's where they keep all the motion activated shotguns only kidding only kidding only kidding you've got some plaster issues here these are all things that you would see when you come and if I don't show you now it's not being real nice of me you know you drive ten hours or five hours or 15 minutes and you don't see this kind of stuff you'd be like Brad why don't you tell me that you've got you can see you can see sky up there this is the cutest layout you've ever seen so this is really too small for a bedroom really but check this out drop down a few steps throw the bed there and do some built-ins and then of course there's windows here you just jump off out on the porch and count emergency and the great great closet love that and then here we get the same thing at this other bedroom so all three bedrooms are upstairs that's not for everybody I like it just fine I've got a fireplace here and this room is indeed big enough for a bedroom but then they did the same thing here this big platform here you've got stuff here a bill ends this big platform and then like a trundle bed thing you pull that out how fun is that so there you go 422 East Main Street give counter call right there only call if you're a cash buyer or a credit buyer this is not going to fly for any government program loans Thanks okay now we're going to run out back and you can see they've got some OSB up and all that sort of thing so see how cute it is but it's got some stuff it's got some stuff you got to deal with so if you're good with dealing with stuff you have got at me now check this out literally that's how close you are these people ride bicycle to work to the restaurant to the bar there's a bourbon bar down there there's a wine bar we have a nano brewery in town Danville's is the greatest place so work had been started that's that's that little bedroom up there with the windows I say where you could just pop out pop out of the windows but you can see I mean it's just a thousand little things that need to be done you know the roofs got some issues the siding obviously is an issue but look at this backyard is this the coolest backyard I said I wish I had a backyard like this it's like a magazine there's the garage that's the neighbor's garage so you kind of share a lot line like that and then here's behind the garage and there you go the plantings are great all that stuff that it matters but at this point it really doesn't matter a whole lot we need to get the house buttoned up and if you're that kind of person you're in good shape but again remember the neighbors across the street beautiful spot great spot next to the school I mean walk your kids to school in the morning literally 100 feet ones private school ones public school changing the whole roof would be awesome just completely change the whole roof light put a put a hip roof on it the gable roof on it whatever there you go 422 East Main thanks for watching call Ken right here we can help you out


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