Common Tools In Your Toolkit with Mr. Handyman of Wheaton Hinsdale

Homeowners and apartment dwellers alike need
a basic household tool kit. Having basic tools handy in your living area
makes it much more convenient to do simple home repairs
Today, we are going to take a look at basic tools you should have in your tool kit. A 12” level, a claw hammer, a tape measure
and a carpenter pencil are all great tools to have for hanging pictures around the home,
hanging a tv, or installing a cabinet. An inch and metric allen wrench set is the
perfect tool for furniture assembly or towel bars
An adjustable wrench can remove hex nuts and tighten bike parts, while a socket set can
Tighten/loosen nuts and bolts and A mini hack saw will cut steel, or pvc pipe, while a 15”
hand saw will cut wood or plastic, and a retractable utility knife will cut drywall and many other

basic tools

A ratchet Screwdriver with removable bits,
is a great tool because it offers a variety of screwdriver options for different screw
types and sizes. A combination square can create square lines
for a cutting board and general checking of square. Have a rusty nut or drain pipe? Have a pair of 9.5” channel locks in your
tool kit to loosen them up. A 2” putty knife will patch small holes
and loosen trim, while a 9.5” pry bar will open wooden crates, remove trim and open a
tight window. A cordless drill is perfect for Drilling holes
in drywall, wood or steel and a good set of drill bits will give you the right bit to
use with your drill. No tool box is complete without a pair of
safety glasses to protect your eyes during your projects, and of course a roll of duct
tape which can be used on just about anything. If you need help with any project in your
home, big or small be sure and call us at Mr. Handyman your one-stop shop for a wide
range of home maintenance and repair solutions.

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