BioShock Infinite Heavy Hitters Part 2: Handyman Trailer (HD)

so the handyman or the handyman there's there's a bunch of them in the world are a they're sort of a tragic figure and I don't want to go into a ton of detail about sort of how these guys got put in these metal bodies but there's a certain sadness to who they are and how they got there but I'd rather the gamers find that out in the course of the game the term handyman comes from his giant porcelain hands that we created him if you look at toys of the of that era they do a lot of work and trying to make the porcelain dolls feel realistic with the way that they paint the hands in the faces but they're not quite there it's almost like the original incarnation of uncanny valley then we got back and forth a lot of different designs one with you see like exposed organs but it was just too on-the-nose video game with clothes without clothes with this head with that head until we the one that we finally settled on um which is you know its boughs heart and the torn clothes the bald sort of cut-up face they have a range of abilities from that they can leap these great distances in the game and you know you'll sometimes see them coming you're coming in from the sky and landing from a great height and then they'll be bouncing around in this space they're quite agile for their size and quite quite powerful um I think their coolest ability though is they can pick up a eyes like friends or foes and they can toss them at people and so I think that everybody around them find some quite terrifying including sometimes your enemies because they just become tools at the handyman to get it to get a hooker


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