All-time funniest Celebrity Family Feud moments with Steve Harvey!

Whoo-hoo! We had sex. Yes. He just admitted
to cheating… I had a drink beforehand. Cut his penis off! This is insane! You know what's up! Ur-anus. Uranus. I'm not gay. This is out of hand! This is a family show. I'm protesting this
whole show right now! Alright you're ready? Nope. Ok! Top 6 answers on the board. Here we go. We asked 100 married women
to fill in the BLANK. "I like it when my man
gives me a big WHAT?" Kiss.

Shaq? I can't say the answer
I wanna say, so… [ Laughter ] So I'm gonna say gift. I'm gonna just say gift. [ Laughter ] Big ol' gift! Name a part of the body you're always banging
into things. You said… Am I grinning
that hard? Survey said… [ Buzzer ] What?! If a man's zipper
breaks at church, what might he use
to cover it up? A child. – Oh.
– Whoa! – A what?
– A child! The man gonna
get us locked up. Not a good answer. Not a good answer! Come over here. [ Laughter ] I meant a baby! Shh! Even worse! Yeah! Name something
a wife might do to her bald husband's head
in the bedroom. Push it down. [ Cheers and applause ] Very good.
Very good. Good answer. Right? Right? She said,
"Push it down"? Yes! Push it down!
– Push it down. Ohh! This is — Normally, I put my arm
around the person, but this ain't
gonna look good.

[ Laughter ] [ Cheers and applause ] That was a very
uncomfortable moment. Miranda?
Yes. How are you, darling?
I'm good. And your relation
to Neil? Daughter. You're his daughter?
Yes. Now, okay, Neil named her after one of the moons
of Ur-anus. Uranus I think is how we —
how we pronounce it. Ur– Oh. No, Ur-anus is the thing
in the middle. I'm sorry about that. Two different areas
totally. Uranus is up there. Ur-anus is…right… No one's seen that. [ Laughter ] You could say Ur-anus until
you're like eight, you know? And then you're — [ Laughs ] Hey!
Then you're mo– Hey! Hey!
No, I'm just — [ Laughter ]
Hey! Hey! I'm — I'm getting tired
of your ass, man! Name something a lady cop might do to her husband
in the bedroom. Cut his penis off! [ Laughter ] [ Applause ] This — This thing we're doing,
this is a game show. Okay. This isn't therapy. [ Laughter ]
Right? Wow.
Cut it off! [ Laughs ]
Travis, how you doing? Good, good. Good-looking kid, man.
I tell you.

How old are you?
16. Okay, I got that right.
What do you do? [ Laughs ] I love the hair, man.
I love the hair. What do you do?
Bet you want some of that. No.
[ Laughter ] Oh, wow. Show Mr. Fox's family. Nice people.
No smartasses over there. I get to the boy, "Bet you wish
you had some, don't you?" We asked 100 married women,
"Some days, I'd be willing We asked 100 married women,
"Some days, I'd be willing to trade my man
for a really good WHAT?" Pool boy. A good what? [ Laughs ]
I'm sorry. What did you just say? [ Laughter ] No. Right here.
I was just playing. I was just playing. Yeah, but what
did you say, though? [ Laughter ] Pool boy. [ Laughter ] I was just kidding. You — Get your hand off of me. Trade me in for
no damn pool boy! I'm sorry. Pool boy! Hey, Gaten. Only one
strike, man. Hey, Steve. Name a fruit a teenager might
practice the art of kissing on. Steve… Yeah?
Forgive me. No, no.
Go ahead. I'm gonna say banana.

[ Cheers and applause ] [ Laughter ] It had to be said. Alright.
Come on. Yeah. Gaten, let
me tell you something. Alright.
I'm scared. Boy, I sure hope
that's up there. I do, too.
I'm praying. I'm so praying. It's exactly what
I was thinking. Right? Banana! [ Bell dings ] [ Cheers and applause ] – [ Laughs ] -Alright! Name a part
of your lover… Ugh! …you've nibbled on
like it was a snack. Steve… What?
His [bleep]. Oh! [ Audience cheers ] #1 answer! You ask,
you shall receive! Whoo-hoo! I can't believe
I'm doing this! I'm gonna, like,
do this. Top 6 answers
on the board. We asked 100 women,
name something specific that only your man
is allowed to do to your behind. Oh, I missed
the button! [ Laughter ] I missed the button.

I went like that! I'm gonna love this. I'm gonna love this. We need
a bigger button! You'd hate to wake up to find
your dog licking your WHAT? Toes. Well, I don't have these,
but balls. [ Laughter ] …your testicles. If it's not there,
you're still alive. Can't discuss it, guys. When clowns get together –
Did they just cheat?! They cheated!
They cheated! How did we cheat?
I think they cheated. I saw them talking.
No, you came over. No, no, no!
They cheated. You walked over there! [ Indistinct shouting]
[ Laughter ] You saw it, right?!
They cheated! They cheated!
They cheated! [ Cheers and applause]
They cheated! They are correct… I cheated not knowing
I was cheating. It doesn't matter. Okay.
Steve, I'll take the "X." A woman might say,
"I broke up with my boyfriend after I found out he had
WHAT?" Uh, spent a lot of money. – Yeah.
– Oh, okay. 'Cause he ate spaghetti
on a Monday.


That's not what Mama said. – What — what did she say?
– That's not what Mama said. – Just tell me what she said.
– She said 'cause he spent
all their money. Oh, spent the money.
[ Chuckles ] [ Laughter ] I thought she said, "'Cause he ate
spaghetti on a Monday." I was sitting over here,
"Okay," you know. Split up with him for that,
hell, I don't…

So Walter wanted
to come out here and help me
introduce the family. Is that alright? That will be
perfect. Let's do it. Ok good. So how do you do this? You
go "Hey this is so and so…" and just move down the line? Introduce
each one of them one at a time. Okay. And you — you try to say
something kind about people. Oh, oh, okay. That
ought to throw you off. That is a tough for you,
isn't it, Steve? No, it's a tough one for you.
Okay, I got it. All right. You're the angry old
man, so — I know. Well,
you're gonna be soon. [ Laughter ] [ Laughs ] Pow!
Hey. Ha, you're funny.
Ha ha. [ Laughter ] Name something
that might crawl into your sleeping bag
when you're camping. Tree branch. [ Laughter ] You mean, like,
one that's fallen? Of course. Yeah, okay, now, it's on the
ground. I'm looking at the — [ Laughter ] I'm looking — It's kind of —
It's like this right here. Okay, now, there's…

I'm a thinker. I'm used to thinking about
my, you know, my responses. I know.
It's hard. So — I'm trying to be
a thinker, too, so… Okay.
[ Laughs ] I'm in the sleeping bag,
and I can't go to sleep 'cause I'm worried to death that that is gonna
crawl his ass in my sleeping bag. Come on! Hurry up!
You crawl too slow! Here we go. Thank you. All right,
only one strike. Hey.
Hey, that one crawled off. Fill in the BLANK. "Pie in the WHAT?" Horse. [ Laughter ] Na-name a color
in a traffic light. Red.
[ Bell rings ] [ Cheers and applause ] Yeah.
Let's go, Snoop. Uh… Sure hope we get
on to that one, 'cause I don't know
what the hell you said, but… Sure hope we make it
to that one. We need 59.
We asked 100 women, How much does
your purse weigh? You said… Survey said… Five pounds was
the number-one answer.

We need 51. Name a salad dressing
you find at most salad bars. You said… Survey said… All right.
Ranch. Ranch was
the number-one answer. We need 30 points. Name something that happens
in the month of April. You said… Survey said… [ Cheers and applause ] Well, sometimes… Yes! …God hears
and answers prayers. I now get to find out
what the hell he said. [ Laughter ] We need one point. Fill in the BLANK. "Pie in the…"
what the hell did you say? [ Laughter ] What?! Pie in the what? [ Laughter ] [ Laughing ]
Pie in the horse. Folks, when your
brain cells have… When your brain cells have
suffered a little bit… You're gonna have
moments like this.. This is going to
be on YouTube… 'Cause Snoop just said,
"pie in the horse." The hell
is he talking about? [ Laughter ] [ Cheers and applause ] We need one point. I need one other person
in this world who, for some reason, has found a pie
stuck up inside a horse, cut it, and served it
to the people. Survey says… [ Buzzer ]
Yes. [ Audience groans ] We need
one point. Name a color
in a traffic light. You said… Survey said…

Yeah. ♪.

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