California Handyman Law Explained / What you can and can not do

Hey friends, Allen Lee here with Honest Lee
Handyman Services in Sacramento California. Today I wanted to talk to you specifically
about the handyman laws and regulations here in California. Now knowing the laws and regulations in the
state that you live in is one of the most important things that you can do when you
are starting out your handyman business. For me being in California that was one of
the first things that I ever did when I even thought of starting my handyman business,
was really research what the handyman laws were in California. Now this is very hard to find, If you guys
are in any state you can probably relate with what I am saying is that it is very hard to
find out exactly what the laws and regulations are in your state regarding handymans and

So I was told many different things, everything
from you can't do this, you can't do that, you can't do this and it all contradicted
itself. So what I personally did is I signed up for
quite a few courses and training classes at the CSLB which is the contractors state license
board here in California, it's actually not too far from where I live.

So I signed up for some classes there, took
those, and I asked specifically what were the laws regarding handymen in California. And this is what they told me, they said the
laws regarding handymen in California is if you are an unlicensed contractor meaning a
handyman and you don't have a contractors license, you can only legally perform work
up to $500 including labor and materials. Now this means that you cannot split a job
up at all. So a lot of times people tell me, like customers
tell me they'll say "oh we can pay you $500 this week $500 next week and $500 the week
after. According to the state of California, that
is a no no and completely illegal and you cannot split up jobs like that.

And again this is my understanding of the
law so uh don't take what I am saying as truth and facts um the final be all end all I would
highly recommend you do all your own research because laws are so tricky. When you're gonna start something you really
want to take responsibility for that and take that into your own hands and figure out exactly
what it is for you. So this is how I understand them and this
is the way the things have been explained to me um if you guys have anything to add
to this video I would love to hear it. Um but alos in California regarding trades
what trades you can work in and what trades you cannot work in so legally at least the
way I understand it if you are an unlicensed contractor you can work in any trade you want.

Allen lee

So you can do painting, you can do plumbing,
electrical, HVAC, roofing, uh but you cannot do jobs that are over $500 including labor
and materials so obviously that law there, the $500 limit excludes some of those trades
so like roofing well you can probably do roofing repairs and roof patches but you couldn't
replace a whole roof that would obviously exceed the $500 limit um and so from what
I understand and what I've been told about the projects law is it's $500 per project
including labor and materials so if someone wanted you to install a ceiling fan in one
room and a kitchen sink I mean a kitchen faucet in the other room then you could legally do
that, but if they were remodeling their whole house and they just wanted to hire you as
a handyman to come in and install a ceiling fan and a kitchen faucet, you technically
could not do that cuz it's part of a whole project so I hope that makes sense so say
like someone buys a bathroom vanity for $499 I asked them this particular question this
is kind of crazy, if they buy a bathroom vanity for $499 you can only legally charge them
$1 for labor to install that vanity now that's completly asinine I know it's crazy and a
lot of people say well it's just worth just trying everything and you know just hoping
you don't get caught but there are believe it or not a lot of stings that go on um state
governments are pretty strong especially here in California they want to uphold their authority
so if you check out the CSLB which is the contractors state license board they have
a YouTube channel and you can see all their stings that they do.

They do quite a few stings all around California
that are catching these unlicensed contractors these people that operate as a handyman but
yet they do Contractors size work and they don't disclose that or anything like that
so there's a lot of risks in this so that's why I say to do your own research and figure
out exactly what the laws are in your own city or town um and also another thing is
advertising is huge. They can I mean so I don't know if it's just
California but the California state government is very huge and they want to just play their
authority so even advertising right so if you advertise like say you're a handyman Joe
Shmoe handyman and you put on your tool trailer I do painting I do electrical I do plumbing
technically, there has been cases out there, where they have fined the person and they
have given them the same penalty for contracting without a license because in their eyes at
least it doesn't really make sense to me painting can the whole painting category can go over
$500 plumbing can go over $500 electrical can go over $500 so what I have been advised
to do and what makes it legal is advertise that I do minor painting, minor plumbing,
minor electrical, so putting the word minor in front of it in some sense where it doesn't
go over $500 even though I think minor can definitely go over five hundred dollars but
you want to stay above the law and not break the law as much as you can so I'm doing this
series right now where I want to help people out one of the most common questions that
I get is people ask me what are the handyman laws and regulations in my state and honestly
I only know Californias laws and regulations right now but I want to expand that I want
to figure out what other peoples laws and regulations are and make videos on that and
that would help them out as well.

So if I get enough questions for a specific
state in the comments section below I will definitely do your state next and just launch
a full investigation on that state kind of like I did in California figure out exactly
what the laws are and bring that here to you guys on YouTube so comment in the comment
section below with what state you're in also what country you're in what your laws are
and like this video please subscribe to this channel and check out all my other videos
because I have a whole bunch of them pertaining on a whole bunch of things all on the handyman
lifestyle.So thank you all so much for tuning in and I hope you guys have a fantastic day.

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