Annihilation – Ep 1 Handyman + Miner Kit Review

hey guys especially Navy here and today we are starting a new series still on shopping network but it's going to be about annihilation and for this part we're going to be doing kit reviews this segment we're doing a minor and handyman so we're gonna start off with minor me and fridge oh there goes an axis um so yeah this is what you start with civilian normal wooden stop and the crafting table is a boost base layer and so these are all the kits Acrobat all the way down to warrior pretty sure it's alphabetical yeah just so handy man is the anvil and yeah every hit you get a certain chance of healing your Nexus so some teams can get up to like 116 or whatever it's happened before and phase two twenty percent phase 3 15 phase 4 10 6 57 so I'm going to choose this kit and hopefully we'll be able to show you like the healing of the Nexus and right now or blue team so hopefully our house will go up by one or hopefully to but um a good strategy for this kit is if your team has a teleporter and we're going to be explaining the teleporter kit later on but if you have teleporter or someone has teleporter you just like get into that and then you just keep going and going and then hopefully you'll be able to get a lot of health regen for immune access so it works pretty good and let's go you early as you can see we are I repaired my Nexus ah oh wow I didn't chanted iron pick on me yeah but uh see right there repaired our Nexus and our nexus one up by one and I actually did it twice you were paired once yeah yeah I repaired and where does it say this is russian navy has the Russian Navy repaired your Nexus Russian Navy fridge awesome alright so yeah you're doing some damage there and yeah i'm not sure if ya okay so when you do do damage then oh when you do damage sometimes it can repair it as i said earlier but like if we're repairs it also just a damaged so it's just not like a repair it also does damaged so it's pretty good oh yeah okay so now we are going to do the minor kit I don't need that so in a minor kit you start off with a stone pickaxe efficiency one you start off with normal two wooden for coal that is not sold out so you can throw it around and a furnace I don't know why you'd use it but it is so bound because the enter furnace here to know what else can use it but so that's how you start off with and in the minor class you can also enter the chance of getting two to iron oar to oar or yeah x 2 and if we're going to find the mind wherever it is so yeah as I said you have a chance of getting x 2 that's cool so 8245 seeing I only got one there and it's pretty good since you get to get stuff a lot faster and also as I said like handyman if there's a teleport or set up and it's it it works a lot faster than the wooden pickaxe but it doesn't heal your Nexus so that's basically it on the minor class it's pretty good just to start off list and then like find the hidden chest and then choose a different kid like I don't know whatever kit you want like Scorpio anything you want it's just by the end of phase 1 you basically have full iron armor so that concludes our first episode on annihilation kits and thanks for watching


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