#MurphyDoor French Door Kit: By Ken Day of the Weekend Handyman

kendeigh here at the 2015 National Hardware show again roaming around checking out really cool stuff last year I stopped in this booth and showed you some of the things but I need you to really think about this and come check it out again because you know you'll get to go to the website and check things out but if you want to have a dynamic bookcase that is so much more than a bookcase we're gonna hear about it right here absolutely ramiz gonna tell us all about it and and some of the other products that they have that are really very cool and in many ways they're cool right absolutely so you currently we're offering our heavy bookcase door system a lot of people this initially thought they were just to hide a room but truly they're much more than that they create space for storage for towels kitchens laundry rooms bedrooms it's just a great way to convert unusable wall space in the useful wall space what I'm standing from right here is a French door so this would take place of the old bypass bifel closet door system and this one's in a now suite configuration simple open both of them operate it's like that so anyway these come all assembled all made in the USA so what we do you when you get it arrive standing up on a pallet simple install just like hanging a door this is a two piece unit we have single units that will fit a standard 28 inch 30 32 34 36 inch door that come the exact same way pretty hung set it in the hole you can order right online ordering off your base door size we also have a hardware set for the DIY that wants to build their own bookcase and make match cabinets we give you all the instructions there's also videos on how to put it in so we've come a long way from where we've been over the last few years and we're excited to keep going and offer simple ways to create space and hide rooms be creative for your kids and your mancave or where l make our kitchen for that matter so preachy so you didn't really get to see that very well just cuz you know Jeremy is afraid to open the doors all the way oh but well I was in the way we'll do that just because you can use these in so many ways as he said but the really cool thing is is all of a sudden you make an unusable space usable space and you can have your man cave hidden behind a bookcase you can put it on the outside of a closet so you've got a walk-in closet all of a sudden you you utilize some space that was just a door before and now you can make it beneficial to the whole environment besides really cool and it does come complete and if you're a DIY er like many of us we can handyman handy woman you know there there you go you're all set with instructions on how to do it yourself take care of it you don't have to have professional installation although if you want that I'm sure that how sure that can be arranged somehow so there's enough we're gonna open here here you go yep there you go there's your French door into your bathroom right all right so they've got all kinds of configurations make sure you go to their website and check them out website is wwf/e or comm Murphy door comm go check it out ten day national Hardware show 2015 see you soon you

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