#TroyBilt Mustang 54 Zero Turn Riding Lawn Mower: By The Weekend Handyman

with the National Hardware show looking at a lot of the cool new things here at the show and that brought me over to the Troy vote booth we're looking at one of their zero turn mowers right here I've got Jim Jim tell us a little bit more about the Mustang 54 yeah well first and foremost it's the troy bilt brand name which is very well received and very popular in the United States for us the Mustang features a 54 inch cutting deck and it does feature a dual deck wash system on it and what that does is that as you can see in the picture there on the cutting deck the green thing you fix that to the end of your hose so when you are done mowing for the day you fix your hose to that turn the water on turn your mower back on run the blades and it'll clean out the underside of your deck and that helps out for obviously as you know sometimes you could store it and it'll be in a musty location start to smell things like that so that's one of the features that helps on the deck side very nice this is a lap bar system which controls our media the lap bar so you would just push up back forward reverse with both of these in it we'll turn it side to side that way for that and as many height adjustments here that are accessible very easy you have a nice seat that has spring loaded in the back to make it comfortable for the ride this particular unit features a bridge in Stratton professional 25 horsepower engine and that makes this unit very good very quiet and everything is accessible at the rear of this in terms of the oil filter things like that for routine maintenance very nice it looks like a great machine that's going to help people cover a lot of ground in an afternoon absolutely if you have a larger lawn or you just want to get your lawn cut quicker with the 54 inch deck this will take care of it in no time now this is a 54 inch deck are there are other deck sizes if I wanted to go a little larger a little smaller yeah you can you can definitely do that to accommodate the storage space that you have so yes there's different variations in terms of sizing that sounds great if people like to find out more information we're gonna go Jim they can just go to troy bilt comm and see all the products that we have to offer that sounds great we're at the National Hardware show you

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