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So today I'm working on a few different projects this morning. Well, it is Labor Day So I'm not I'm not working You know in my handyman business today, but I'm doing a bunch of work around the house. So so far I have I mowed luan Then I washed all the cars and then I vacuum the cars and now I am changing the oil I've been a little while this this cars needed an oil change for quite a while but finally getting around to it I'm also doing a few other things too this car here. I'm changing the changing spark plug just do for that and Then last time I took a look at the rear brakes they were a little bit low So I'm gonna take a look at that as well And see if I need to do those You know, I don't miss a lot about Working at an auto shop, but one thing I really do miss is is lift you know, I mean it kind of sucks doing oil changes on the ground, but It is what it is Well, that's interesting two of these bolts are missing I've never checked this out since I bought this car That's kind of interesting.

I need to replace those bolts for sure. I wonder if they stripped out or anything Alright here's my replacement in GK laser iridium premium. That sounds pretty snazzy Mm snazzy, oh You guys that maybe you work on your own cars I'd be interested to hear what you guys think here Do you guys put anti-seize on your spark plugs? Do you guys put anti-seize on here? At the shop I used to work at well, when we worked at a the Ford dealership, we we always put anti-seize on him That was just kind of what everyone did but then the last shop I worked at They They had Paul a strict policy of no anesthesia on sparklin and that's not behind.

That was the manufacturer When they built the car, they didn't put anti-seize on the plugs. So why should we as an aftermarket? Shop put Anestis on the plug. So So I don't put Anna sees on the plugs be curious if you know hear what you guys think, what'd you guys do those of you that do work on cars and What do you guys think? All right, well now I need to find two of these bolts here I don't know why Why these spark plugs didn't – the spark plugs I didn't have Didn't have the bolts here.

So I'm gonna have to figure out I used to have a whole bunch of these bolts, too But I got rid of them when I stopped working as an auto mechanic So I got to locate some of these and see what I could find here Okay, unfortunately, I do not have any of these bolts. Like I said, I had a whole bunch of him but since I stopped working as an auto mechanic I gave or got rid of them all so I'm just gonna put these Coils back in and put one of the bolts back in these and then I'm gonna go to a Riley anyways, but and get some bolts for this Before I do that, I want to take a look at the back brakes.

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So if I need to If I need to get any back brakes, I can get him while I'm at O'Reilly So just got a button this up and then take my Ranger over to O'Reilly All right these brakes on this side look fine But let's take a look at the other side and see what they look like these bricks are getting there but not quite yet So put the tires back on and we'll see Good going to going to O'Reilly to get some screws Okay, so my wife is gonna go with me to Home Depot here, which is pretty awesome She wants to go with me at home bebo I was gonna go to Riley, but I think it'll probably cheaper just to go to Home Depot to get this bowl Cuz Oh Riley, they're probably gonna try and find me the manufacturer bolt.

Nah, and I don't need it to be a Honda bolt I just need to get the same thread pitch and size and everything like that So I think I cooked that up at Home Depot. So I'm be heading out to Home Depot in a sec but I wanted to talk real quick about this book that I've been reading called grazing a modern-day Knight and I've been kind of on this journey is kind of a personal thing But I've been on this journey of trying to figure out like what a man is You know what the point of a father is, right? Because I'm really struggling with that Or having strong with that now That I have a daughter and stuff like that And so one guy in in the business seminar that we go to he recommended this book to me and I just want to share These four points with you guys real quick It discusses what a real man is and I would love to go more in depth with this But I don't think that this video this YouTube channel is the best place to do that.

But anyways, so a real man number one rejects passivity Number two accepts responsibility number three leads courageously and number four expects the greater reward I just think that those are those are some huge things to live by it's really understand. What a man looks like. I really impacted for me and then the kind of the code of conduct for a man is like loyalty servant leadership kindness purity honesty self discipline excellence integrity and perseverance Just just really loving this book really loving what it's got and just loving that that kind of Having those bullet points of what a man is and what a man looks like, you know and how we can live into that Super excited. I mean there's also a whole bunch more stuff, you know Like what makes up a man and what kind of the code of conduct? Code of conduct for a man is and things like that, but I just think this is very applicable I mean, especially to running a business – is like how to be a good business owner I think equates a lot with how to be a man I think it's important to know who you are and who you were created to be So that you can kind of live into that role and be a better person in that so and I think that that fits perfectly With running a business as well, you know because like as business owners, you know we need to reject passivity accept responsibility lead courageously and expect the greater reward like Man that dad just hits home for me.

But anyways, we're gonna get going home depot gonna get this bolt in I'm just kidding to throw this bolt in but pretty much I am done for my job for the day Probably gonna do a few and a few other knickknacks around here, but there's never day off even on Labor Day Just wanted to give you a little update here I went to Home Depot and got the screws but a little bit of a learning experience here So these two screws or bolts here that hold down this cover actually go through those two coils So I didn't need to get any screws after all But I just wanted to share that with you guys kind of a learning experience, you know, always something new I wasn't even paying attention when it took that off that those were the bolts that went into the coil So no big deal, but got it all wrapped up. But anyways, I appreciate you all tuning into this will log I hope you guys have a great day, and we'll talk to you later.

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