Work Order at a Local Supermarket – FaciliCare Business Handyman Services in Baltimore

Hello. My name is George Plakosh, operations manager and
owner of FaciliCare. We are a business to business
facility repair contractor serving the Mid-Atlantic market. 20 years ago, I started this business from
our home serving small business clients with lots of work
orders. Over the years, we have grown to best in class
facility repair in the Mid-atlantic region. I am here today at our longterm
client Weis markets who has entrusted us for the last nine years to
service their Baltimore and Harrisburg locations. I have a work order for a
malfunctioning automatic type dock leveler.


My civil engineering skills allow
us to provide a more functional, a more durable, and a more
cost efficient work order. Our friendly and responsive office
staff keeps our clients informed and helps me with work order
management for essential emergency repairs. We are same day responsive
almost every day and all throughout the year. Thank
you. Take care out here. Thank you..

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