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lots of us in Maine leave for part of the time we leave for all winter we're not in our houses and its really really important for us to know how to take care of our property while we're not there today we're with Tim Spang of AZ what handyman services tim is going to tell us important information about things we need to know to take care of our homes while we're not there welcome to night Vale good say tell us a little bit about the services that you offer well it is a two services I want to talk about today and one of them is you know shutting you home down for the winter putting it to bed having it so that everything's shut off and another one is leaving it running and then have have somebody check it once in a while and we call it the Hazelwood house check but to drain a house you know a lot of a lot of people you know they'll call us and ask us hey how do we how do we put a house to bed and it's it's everything from putting your furniture in having you having the furnace shut down having your plumbing system shut down and then going through your house to make sure that everything's ready for it to sit dormant whether it's four months or six months or even you know you know some people shut it down for a month in the worst part of the winter and you know it takes a little bit to put together subcontractors and then send a report to the people knowing that their house is well taken care of yeah that's that peace of mind while I'm away it is but how about for folks Tim who are just gone for a couple of weeks of the winner but need some help what we do is it's called the hayswood house check and we set up a system we meet with you there's different levels some people just have us walk through the house real quickly to see if there's any leaks and just make the fern make sure the furnace is running and then other people we walk through you know if they're gone for the you know vacations we do it once people gone for the winter we do it once a week or once you know once a month and it depends on the level of security that the people want and we do everything from we make sure the furnace is running we make sure the oil is full for the propane tank we make sure that you have access or somebody if the emergency vehicle or just a path to the house so that you have access through snow and you know we like to suggest to the people that you unplug all your electronic devices if you're going to be gone for four to six months there's no need to have a lightning strike on your house and lose lose things that that you could during a lightning storm and I don't know it's a real peace of mind because everything that we do we document we in a lot of times we take pictures if there's any issues so that we can talk to you rated rate by email you see the photos you see a full report of your house and you have a great feeling that somebody's you know taking care of you to most people it's your most valued possession absolutely but how about Tim for someone who is what to do this for themselves going to be gone for a couple weeks in the winter any ideas or suggestions you could make ya one of the biggest areas is a lot of people have self-contained generators and a propane and in there the ASO if electricity goes out it keeps the house it keeps the house running and a lot of people don't realize that you know what generator just can't run for you know whole weekend the generator has to be checked at least every eighty eight or ten hours for its oil otherwise is a real good chance that it could burn out a run all its oil out and and then the generator goes down your house goes down and you can have lots of problems that's important information anything else that I should know if I'm getting ready to be gone for a while you know either have a friend or a professional watch your house I think it's real important yeah so just not ignore it having somebody check it out for you yep okay well that's really good information to thank you very much thanks grandma thank you good so tim has given us lots of good information most of us leave for whether it's a weekend a week a couple weeks a couple months during the winter time to get town and tim has told us hazelwood handyman services they're the ones


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