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9 – Important Questions to Ask When Getting a Handyman Estimate for your project or repairs. If you're in the marketplace for a Handyman there are some vital questions you ought to be asking your Handyman 1. How many years have they been in business? If a business features a good community standing and has been in business for a number of years or more, you can feel pretty comfortable with this contractor. 2. Do they use subcontractors? Many contractors will use subcontractors to do the complete project, they may need to bring in Electricians, Plumbers, Framers. This does not mean a subcontractor can’t do the work, just make sure they are all under an Insured and Licensed scenario. 3. What insurance policies does one carry? Don't allow a contractor on your property without furnishing valid insurance documents. 4. Do they have the proper licensing? Some states require all contractors to be licensed and check to see if their license is valid and check that they are not in any violations related to their license.

5. Do they have referrals from other Clients? This can be typically verified with their online presence with reviews and asking them for references and if they reply “how many would you like” this is often an honest sign and a source of data to collaborate with their credentials. 6. Is the Contractor bonded? This is often where a contractor is bonded to guaranteeing your project is going to be completed. Some municipalities don't require bonding. 7. What are the precautions they will take to protect the work environment they will be actively working in? Installing, replacement or removing materials or furniture can be messy or a possibility of damage occurring. 8. What materials and equipment are they including? Always determine what materials or equipment that is needed to complete your project. 9. What warranties do they provide on labor and materials? the small print of the material's warranty to the work performed should both be included and ask how long the warranty is issued before signing the contract. Please provide us with your questions, we are always here to help with your needs and concerns to your particular project or repairs.

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