uShip Remembers Shipping Wars’ Roy Garber

millions of people came to know the rough around the edges Rory Garber who would do anything to get the job done and they also saw a softer side of him when he would do the charitable shipments and that's a side that we a new ship got to see a little bit more of when he came to the office you know he would bring in Muffy and he loved loved that cat we also saw the jovial Roy and the guy who would kick back and help us to some of these fun videos of him doing some customer support washing dishes and that's the Roy that was that I don't know that everyone else got to see and that's the Roy that we certainly cherish and I love and appreciate look you need to take a deep breath it's like a bubble bath for your mind you're perfect just the way you are can you repeat that for me sure you were perfect no Jo I know I'm perfect you need to repeat that for yourself I had the privilege of hanging out with Roy for a full week at a truck show and because he refuses to drive any small vehicles I had the opportunity to drive him around for the whole week and I got a crash course in aggressive driving from the one and only Roy there was this one time in particular where he was directing me through traffic backseat driving and I almost killed us and instead of you know being upset he just would not stop laughing it was really great to see that that side of him and see that sense of humor that again hey you guys been using my brush I don't brush nope yeah thanks fix night like we always felt Roy could have been on one of those dr.


pepper one of one commercials not only did he love dr. pepper but he was truly a unique personality that people got to see on the show say what you want about him he knew how to get the job done he did it his way the right way every time yeah they called me mr. perfect all my life you know that's the way I run my business that's the way I run my life everybody everything has to be done right mr. perfect that's cool there's one thing I can definitely say he was a guy that had a heart of gold he lived life to the fullest he lived it fearlessly and fully and that's the Roy that I remember you.

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