Newhart 130 Would You Buy A Used Car from This Handyman

you yuck hello stratford inn oh hello this is good yeah we got we sort of expected you an hour ago where are you not lost you see any distinguishing signs or landmarks ah yeah I'm afraid a lot of stop signs fit that description mrs. Gordon no I'm afraid I I don't know what color of Vermont would be on your road map well I suppose if I absolutely had to i guess our green good goodbye mrs. Kirk well we're on our way out to build a snow step we're gonna pack some white powder in 25 feet of cuteness a monument to my muffin in ice you want to join us i'll let you put the dimples in her knees oh darn and my mittens are all away in the other room so do you have everything Michael you bet I even have a button for your cute button nose kind of big Michael how's this perfect I'm a catch cold but it's worth I replaced that light in the refrigerator for you Joanna thanks George you're looking at my 10,000th burnt out bulb and this baby goes right in the scrapbook you put light bulbs in your scrapbook yeah only those with strong sentimental value you should see my scrapbook it tells the George hutley story from the very beginning the first nail I ever hammered solo the metric wrench said I bought when I fell for the conversion talk of the 70s even my junior carpenter tool belt with training ball peen sounds like it would be hard to put down sounds like it'd be hard to pick up I've got to go dust off the old book I expect I've got quite a trip down memory lane in front of me Joanna are made is outside building a snow Idol to herself and our handyman is on his way to his room to paste a light bulb in a scrapbook when did we lose control of the hired help morning George my Georgia are you okay I've been up all night looking over my George Utley scrapbook and you know every single page was handy man stop are you sure you have the right spat book there wasn't a single photograph of me in there without a hammer well were there any baby pictures sure plenty well George you always loved the idea of being a handyman that's why you became one right I used to think so but maybe it was because my father was a handyman and my father's father was a handyman and my father's father all right George we're picking up on the pattern sure George if you don't want to be a handyman what do you want to be nothing I can think of oh except when I was a kid I had a few ambitions well it's never too late to follow your dreams don't worry last night I came to grips with the fact that I'll always be just a handyman well I think before i start my day thirteen thousand six hundred and twelve of my handyman grind i'll just take a little walk outside and see if I can't shake those old caretakers blue George George I mean do you think a walk is the answer i mean you know look how a stroll down memory lane screw job stratford an ohm and mrs.

Cook yeah we were beginning to worry well I'm sorry but I told your green was was just a guess I did so well where are you now no no idea what what's what's that I hear in the background oh it sounds like you you got a notion there mrs. good alright what you do get back in your car and drive keeping the ocean on your right you're welcome mrs. good and good luck Stephanie Stephanie I'm here what do you see Michael oh Michael what are we going to do what's going on I just heard it on the radio it's horrible a warming trend ok everyone into the basement i'll get some lanterns and some bottled water do you realize what this means everyone knows that's me out there and even after the sun's deforming rays hit it they're still going to think it's me of all the times for spring to hit right on the heels of winter well you guys knew when you built this it someday it would no no we didn't we don't think that far into the future yeah I mean who would have a baby if they thought about what it was going to look like when it was 90 Michael what are we going to tell I don't know hey dick I don't know either why I guess all you can do is sit back and watch helplessly as your there's no Steph slowly melts into a muddy slushed if you're sick if that wasn't very nice I know and as soon as I can keep a straight face on I'll apologize hi guys George where have you been well my cheering up stroll through town kind of turned into an all day outing looks like it worked you're you're downright happy yeah I feel great terrific I got a new job what what do you mean you got a new job well I was about a mile into my walk when i passed seiffert autobarn they had a Salesman Wanted sign up the job I've always dreamed of by George me you never said anything about wanting to be a used car salesman that's because I thought dick would laugh at my illusions of grandeur Manny if I leave my job here it'll be the first time the Stratford has been without an ugly handyman I'm sure we'll stumble through but who'll handyman I'll hand I guess you will stumble through well now I suppose that the first thing I've got to do is find a place to live what do you mean George of course you'll live right here in your room but that that's for the resident handyman no that's for the resident Utley oh thanks but I won't feel right unless you let me pay for my room and board George don't be ridiculous I insist dick I do have my pride oh alright how about the dead twenty-five dollars a month boy you sure know how to exploit a guy's sentimental attachment Mike any news on the snow stuff all ng living breathing stuff and a forecast says continued warmer Michael you really letting me down as a boyfriend not being able to control the weather and all sorry Steph I know how about we start calling it a snow Joanna that way it just be something on a lawn Michael the melting of snow is a natural phenomenon and in its own way can be very beautiful I'm sorry I wonder if you could settle a bet that snow sculpture outside is that supposed to be a gargoyle or a lawn jockey it's supposed to be heard oh yeah I don't care what it takes fix me fix you know I just can't believe that George is gonna go off to work I mean I'm really gonna miss having him around all the time honey it's just a phase he's going through I predictors his hammer Han will be itching before lunch don't you look nice it's so neat to have to dress up for work the same way you would for a big to-do and look do you guys realize this will be the first time I've had to pack a lunch for work it's exhilarating and scary all at the same time and I've been boning up on my blue book values go ahead give me a model and year and I'll tell you the price 84 mustang convertible that's an easy one six or eight cylinder oh let's see I've already open to the six-cylinder page but I don't you to pull any punches just because it's my first day okay then eight GT or LX interior George I'm really not that interested in a Mustang do not then would you put me through all this for all my customers aren't like you did Wow even the laws are exciting welcome to the autobarn I'm looking for a car and my friend said I should be sure to talk to the man who sold her a car yesterday honest joy I'm honest George your name tag says bill Dryden okay I lied i'm on his bills what when I sold your friend that car yesterday I just told her my name was honest George hi I'm George Utley you must be mrs.

Leeds friend hello George sherry said you'd tell me the truth about your cars I'd be glad to welcome to the autobarn I'm looking for George I'm George no no you're not I know what he looks like I was an accident I had plastic surgery I'm not here to buy anything I'll get him right away George of the showroom hey you smudge it you bought it George I hope I didn't put it away from a customer oh it's okay dick she wanted a station wagon but the only one we've God has a bad exhaust system so you get dizzy when you dry when I pointed that out to her she lost interest did you show her the VW van no the accelerator sticks hey lady wait and if your friend smudges the Plymouth it's my sale dick what are you doing here it's not already the first of the month is it George I'm not here to collect the rally happened to be next door picking up a new fuse nights and I thought I'd drop in new fuse what's wrong not nothing Michael and Stephanie overloaded the in circuits by trying to plug in a dozen mr.


Snow cones in me I'll go out did you get to use the new fuse tester you're you're starting to miss the handyman life aren't you George are you kidding look around I mean is this place great or what it's like a cross between Disneyland and Disney World it's kind of hard combination a picture rug dick here it is the time clock Oh up close and everything hey George I sold the van she wanted to not really but she smudged it you know i'm not sure bill should be in the used-car business some of the things he does border on the dishonest well I better go help her out of this fix and also I am on the clock yeah I better go to I don't smudge my way into the poorhouse if you really want to see something come back in three hours what what happens then I punch out well we have a working porch light again and I have page 1 of dick loud in the scrapbook r you replace the porch light could you take a look at the fireplace flue sure what's wrong I don't know but this just fell out which I'm pretty sure is wrong yeah I'll get right on hello start fit in oh hi mrs.

Cook where are you now well can you find someone to cast directions everyone speaking French yeah I think you overshot us mrs. good um i guess it's canada yeah we're there guys in uniform who stopped you and went through your luggage yeah I see that that's the border you know this is Kirk maybe I oughta just they ask for a room there oh wow this is good cross off mrs.

Cook him come on staff just take just take one more look for me Michael I already looked out this morning and it was nothing but an ugly five foot long well take one more look you you may be pleasantly surprised oh she's gone you're right staff to her I think the only explanation is that snow Steph pulled a frosty on us came to life and danced off to the North Pole do you really think so it's the only theory science will support Michael set my cute little button nose embedded in your grill work well as I say either she came to life or I accidentally motor down with a turbo z my torch how was work great I just came here to throw something into my brown bag for the night you're working tonight you bet we're having a midnight pacer mania sale balloons buttons and will stay open until we finally sell that stupid pacer sounds exciting yeah by the way the porch lights up yeah I know as soon as I finished fixing the flu I'm gonna get out of here kidding the flu broke I've been waiting 47 years for that thing to give in figures you wash your car it rains you change careers the flu breaks George you wouldn't by any chance want to want to help me with the flu no dick I've hung up the overalls I figured the best way to give up handyman hood would be cold turkey oh sure beats checking into one of those centers I thought I heard her creaking noise out here probably this swing who wants want some company I guess damn I've already replaced that light bulb twice tonight probably using a regular bulb you should use special ones in winter ah why how you ever sitting this way it's nice noise even but nice thanks dad and me put this up when I was 8 years old we used to sit in it at night staring out over the lawn talking about stuff things sure have changed huh it was four years ago no I mean since this morning the snow Stephanie's gone nah Michael ran over it I feel pretty silly moping about my own petty problems well I guess since I'm the handyman I'm gonna have to oil that thing in the morning I wish you wouldn't do mine why not well I know this is gonna sound crazy but the creaky was starting to sound a little like my father talking to me on the swing again what what was he saying he was saying you can't fight generations of breeding that I should go back to being a Stratford handyman George should probably listen to your heart I'm that's not some squeaking porch swing I think that is my hard dick swing was just saying it out loud you know dick all my life I thought being a used car salesman would just about the greatest thing in the world time clock there's a little plastic flags snapping in the wind painting big wipe numbers on windshields but after about a week all that glamour fades into a glitzy routine oh I have to tell you George from the outside looking in you'd never guess I thought I'd live out every man's fantasy selling used cars it's not really that much fun and then tonight I couldn't concentrate thinking about that fireplace flue how would I fix it but I just weld on a new face plate or or replace the whole mechanism you you you wouldn't if you would have just just jammed it back in are you kidding George you know I I would have let let you help me fix the flu oh it's not just that dick I miss setting my own hours i miss the feel of a plaid flannel shirt under fully stocked overalls and i miss the feel of being necessary at the car lot there's me and bill i'm just a number there here at the stratford without me the front porch would always be dark and the damper would be slip shoddily jammed into place George you know we really miss you but I I thought you wanted to do something else besides you know handyman stuff I've done it dick and after tomorrow there's going to be a name tag a time card on a midnight pacer Romania button in my scrapbook to prove it I quit dick you're sure about this George you know it's not not too late to go back still not too late Joe and don't worry dick before I go to bed tonight I'll put a new bulb in the porch light and would you give the the flu the once-over I was going to dick you know it's so it's good to have a nothing back up there back at the stratford again 10001 meow

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