Handyman and frankeagles medical grow log #2

hey you two andaman and Frankie will hear start out here this is about two to three weeks in just a flower earned a veg we gotta do 13 hays here this is the freebie that we had from canna collective they're growing quite well and fast the more sativa strain here and then we got a couple of cantaloupes here this is a frank ingles train wreck kind of just crossed together just happen to taste just like cantaloupe like I said last one we got a new click we got a new shipment of seeds in this is one of the freebies it's a super super automatic this is the first automatic flower flowering plant that we had this year we made our own Pete pellet out of some pantyhose liner and some peat moss and everything that's only about two days from seed there I mean it's doing quite well from only two days from seed then we got a James bondage riot genetics right here she's doing quite well there are about 65 days we got another James bondage there that's a frank Eagles cross we got a deal right here she's looking a little bit like cousin it here she did some really nice things here she split right here at the very top right here she decided to go to different ways um she's got a couple trifoliate I believe that's what they're called um see she split right there I mean she's doing two different tops um then we got the James bondage riot again right here it's another one we got a grape stomper Neville skunk back here she's doing very well we got a bizarre damn skunk from the bean voice here or no this is the blue mutant skunk excuse me blue mutant skunk here she's doing really nice I mean she's getting really nice bean boys did a great job on their genetics we got a butter freaks here I know this is the yeah butter freaks or mazhar damn skunk this isn't this is a butter freaks we femme tur she's getting quite tall I mean for only being a two and a half gallon container she's getting very large though we got a blue mutant herb mazhar damn skunk hear that she's very very well I mean she's getting very nice we uh we've done the Kyle kushman stem snapping right there we got a little bit of a bulge there now she's not as wobbly don't have to tie her up as much we got a purple suicide from a mantra bail I believe or somewhere I believe mantra bail or socal seeds or someone sent us these really nice seats I did LST on her she's bent over she's getting really bushy and tall then we got another mazhar damn skunk back there she is just a giant butt I mean she is just a lovely lovely plan I'm going to take you out into the flowering room now we got we're about three and a half weeks into flower here I've moved a couple other plants in I got rid of the ones that I told you the that were crinkle Leafs we just weren't really digging them too much we kept one right here she's doing really nice we're gonna see what's going on we just recently bumped on the 400 high pressure sodium along with the 600 and blue metal halide we got those are two randoms back there all three of those are randoms another all three of these randoms this one's kind of getting bushy just by herself I didn't topper didn't do anything they're looking quite healthy this is a deep phase from cause this is doing a very lovely lovely bud structure she's starting to fill out we're only about three and a half weeks in with these this is a sour turbo again really nice plants we're keeping them in two and a half gallon containers we got sick sore tongue out here this is one of a frank Eagles crosses she just turned out really nice we got a sun-kissed d orange right here she's about the same amount three three and a half weeks into flower we're doing really nice I mean they're filling in lovely we got bushes and bushes uh I got a blue mutant skunk here she's towering over the sunkist the orange plant she's just packing on the buds now we got the clown's here we got a butter freaks these two or butterfree clones they're about three weeks in the flour also maybe two and a half weeks we ought mazhar damn skunk we got the purple suicide we got the blue mutants gunk we got all the mother plants that we might end up keeping we're seeing if they're what Frank eagle and our patients actually need and help this one back here is a purple suicide she didn't clone very well so we're flowering out and she's just starting to put on some of the buds right there and all around its other flowering sites we we got a three randoms here this is a really nice one it's just one of the Frank Eagles crosses we've been really really happy with some of the outcomes of the Eagles crosses we got another random here she's filling out very nice very nice we got all three of these are random we got a nice cross here I'm not really sure what we're dealing with here she's a real nice more in Dinka style plant she's packing on the buds they're only about three and a half weeks I have had this blue metal highlight and high pressure sodium on for about a week together we I just now put in a a geisel right here geisel then I got iron Cindy right here we're trying to see we're just starting to flower her out she's only been in here for about four or five hours this one right here is a James bondage FTW that's a Frank Frank Eagles cross we're just starting to see female characteristics we've been injecting co2 into the air we have a co to boost bag on top of the light right there it just falls off and lands on to the plants it feeds co2 to the plants slowly and then we also feed the plants with co2 from our co2 contain canister here we have it running up these oxygen lines and there is a halo over our whole room you can see there's a halo all over the plants and we turn off all the fans and let the co2 just fall down and rain onto the plants we are just giving them reverse osmosis water and a tea Frank eagle has came up with himself he kind of just modified a few other people's suggestions and from reading and we use all organic no chemicals a medicine is supposed to be grown with organic and it obviously it's turning out lovely we haven't had one plain so far they've only been flowering for three weeks three and a half weeks that's a deep face three and a half weeks she is just packing the buds on she's just filling out and then we got a sticks her tongue out she's filling out also as a Frank Eagles train wreck we also have the sour turbo right here she is filling out she's starting to really pack on the buds as like just the deep phase well that's what I got to show you right now YouTube I'm going to keep in touch post another video in about two weeks handyman out you


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