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I welcome the Rm wraps my name is
Randy Miller and today I'm showing you this is actually a promotional
mini-fridge Iraq and I'm going to be processing or showing you how to do it
but basically when you go to the website you go to pull up
actually full service you got a full service and then you'll see you'll see
the promotional yeah so basically what we do is a week and I you can I'm trying
to grow more bike buttons on there and to make it more easier for you guys so
basically you have choices right now you have a couple of choices you have a 1.7
or 1.6 cubic feet and then the damn be 120 can mini-fridge rack with a glass
and everything that's the most popular one and then it always variates what you
want to do so right now I'm trying to get more and more bike buttons on there
but for now if you want something let me know and then if you want like a 1.6
cubic feet you can there's you can tell me what you want email me contact me at
RM wraps at or or you can call me at 208 696 1180 and talked about what
you want the perfecto handyman wanted a 1.6 cubic what is this igloo
well we did was we we got it about Walmart and our Walmart a couple blocks
down so we went to Walmart picked it up and go from there there's lots of
different options we're going to put options down below in the description
where you can buy it or if we want to buy it or I'm trimming as easiest for
you guys as possible but right now I'm just going to show you how the process
that we do we go when we install a around so that
nobody just like cleaner was that I'm actually using a yellow stole Betty
squeegee it's a really good I mean actually if you're a professional violin
guy they're person I highly recommend using this Betty and you go to young
fools calm and you can see the tool and it is called it is called Betty and there is a video you can watch on
the Betty thing so when you ordering a full service what I do is I'm going to
actually give you lots of different choices and
you can do is you can email me your logo but you want there all the information
the images you want ok approach Oh anything you want on there if you want a
one point six cubic we can find it for you if you want to Danny or 120 can we
gotta start getting more of counts on that okay that looks really good
especially ones gonna take this off to see how help that really pops out okay
and all that I'm getting more and more videos I think more more videos other
customer service that what I'm doing right now they actually show the first
thing who actually ordered the mini-fridge full service show the
customer and also show you guys the process when I get down with this I'm
going to make a quick little two-minute video walking around it and then showing
it before I ship it out showing him everything that I've done and if you
approve and then then I chip it up in there take all more customer service so
on this one right here which is real simple
this is his color the background he sent the welcome to us it was to I
figure final but also he did a Photoshop file everything and on the back I just
did it I did I cut the backing with the yo tools bodyguard and I just kind of
here in here I'll send you open all the links on the down below in a few days
of all the tools I've been using and also the step on the meat bridges is
everything so right now I just make sure it's everything's aligned and where I
cut is sorry I won't do it on there that's not a trick if you wet your
fingers a little bit to get some dirt on here wait your fingers so the dirt is
not sticking to you or that your fingers is not sticking to the vinyl is sticking
to its removing the dirt okay so what I'm going to do is I'm going to line the
cut mark right here around here and it's gonna flop it over so this cut line is
perfectly where it's supposed to be next thing I only have to do well this is on
actually everybody's final gloss next thing I'm going to do is I'm going to
make sure everything goes down to where it needs to be and where it's flat over hey now young tools
I don't you can see but when you're when you're moving these little arrows right
here be moving this way and then moving this way to install it so I'm gonna
actually it forces itself to have a 30 degree angle cut all right so right now
and you can actually you don't have to get the whole service if you already
have a mini-fridge already on at the site and you just need to print alone
you'll get exactly what you're gonna get you gotta get this and if you have a
blast door you're gonna get that but if you don't have a blast door you'll have
another print that's where you fine-tune the cost and availability with we have
so we do a lot of custom stuff so I'm just gonna pull this tight down and okay
okay so this is where the baby comes in so if you go 30 degree and go see what
I'm just following the and it just takes a practice and I'm still new at this
this do you have to squeegee but it boy hits
it almost a night and day between the regular street squeegee and in this
video it just makes the fine art installing the vinyl a lot a lot easier
if you can wear it all the way just massage down Bree I'm not pushing a lot a lot on I'm just
getting that just to get on there and this vinyl is you can see I'm lifting it
up it's not one of those one-time stick vinyl you got any comments questions
come down below I'll look to look at it later today or later this week like I say we do a lot of custom stuff
we're getting more and more into the full-service mini-fridge reps and
actually the regular size fridge or the rest too see how the video is doing all I like to do is just preach it over I'm sorry I'm blocking the view so I'm using my thumb I know you can't
see right using my thumb to start out and at the very very end I'm actually
going to use a heat gun I've got a heat gun around these little areas and try not get away at the camera this
comes down and I've just I'm fairly putting
pressure on here I'm using my left hand to pull the ball down so it's nice nice
and even so right now I'm doing a 45 degree angle
cut on the edges we're going to try to sink it in there's some okay next is the back I always treat the
back that this is important is the front you never know if it's on a cable and
the back is you're looking at the back to make sure I got all the air bubbles
out just kind of pulling this down my right
hand towards the ground crushing my back usually I have an extra vinyl and what
the extra by it all I just got the bottom that's that sinking a couple areas I
usually in the corners right here and I think I'm right here where the little
buttons are at oh sure all right that's Hey
see everything now only have to do I have a few little air bubbles I hit
right here and I'm gonna use my little pin and low
heat the gloss it shows it every little air bubble in there so I spend a little
more time right performance but you can actually see the quality of the wrap and
everything there last at least what I do for every customer I put everything in
the Google Drive and I have its own little folder so professional handyman
I'm gonna have all these images and also the file of this in this so if you
orders more in the future it's very simple for me to go back and look it up
a and everything and it's all in and I'm gonna actually add the video on to the
Google Drive everything we do puts it all in one folder so it's very organized
any other questions yeah alright thanks for watching subscribe to me if you like
these videos you're learning things or if you've got a promotional mini-fridge
coming or you want to do something for your business like perfecto handyman
yeah go from there it's going on arm wraps and you can see
the promotional mini fridges or full service I'm sorry full service and
you'll see that but I'm adding more and more bike buds on there as the business
grows I'm growing and fine-tuning everything so stay tuned alright my name
is Ronnie Miller there's the arm wraps you can go to arm
wraps calm you can contact me at arm wraps at or call me 208 696 11
e is for watching


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