Why Tamera Had to Hire a Handyman

You guys, I hired a handyman.I
just couldn't take it anymore. And you wanna know what the final straw was?
>> What? >> Joe, my husband, tried to be an exterminator. >> What?
>> Yes. So, we had spiders around the house. I saw a Black Widow. I freaked out and I was like, My God,
honey, we have to call the exterminator. He was like, no I got this babe. And I was like, No.
>> Last three words.
>> Yes. I do appreciate he tried to, you know,
find the organic chemicals and stuff.
>> [LAUGH] >> But y'all, it did not work at all.

Like the next day, I saw more spiders. >> Yes.
>> So, >> I called the exterminator. >> How did he feel about you calling the exterminator? Cuz that's a whole different conversation. Did you feel like you had
to break it down to him and tell him the guy in the suit was coming?
>> Honestly, I think my husband gave up as well. I do,
because I've been a very patient wife. I would let him try and try and try. And then I would be like, Adam, I gave you three months to fix this,
why three months right? See that's a very patient wife.
>> Yes it is.


>> And it would just never get fixed. >> A lot of spiders too. >> I mention something and Israel gets it done.
>> He does? >> [APPLAUSE] >> Yes. >> Awesome. >> But does he do it himself? >> Absolutely not. He calls somebody immediately and gets it done. I will say this, he don't even try.

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