How to write a handyman business plan & how to start a handyman or home improvement business

hi everyone how are you this video I'm gonna explain how to start and how to plan and start a home improvement deal business and I get a kind of question a lot on my apps and you just uh many people are able to provide this kind of a service right it's just if you're a handyman I mean you can provide various services really in this kind of niche so there's a lot of people who can provide the service uh in that generates a lot of questions for me and of course there's a lot of competition so in this video I'm gonna gonna explain like most importantly how to beat your competition okay when it comes to this sort of a business because if you find you know if you think about it in your local area there's many many people who come to write this service so the first challenge people have when they start this business is how to raise the money right they usually need some tools and what I really try to do is figure out people what jobs can be kind of the first jobs that can be done that you can do that it doesn't require a whole lot of tools so that you can actually get started and instead of trying to raise money you can get the money that you need for bigger tools and for trouts or whatever for bigger jobs later you know so you can get that money from your own revenue which is much better and and the sooner you can start by doing smaller jobs the sooner you will be you know able you put yourself in a situation where you're learning how to promote your services and long term long term to promote your services this is going to be the trick because I mean I know you're going to be able to provide the service towards a high degree of quality I mean if not then then you know you shouldn't start this business right so I mean you must provide your home improvement services to a high degree of quality I mean any business should right um but it's really a matter of how you're going to beat your competition so here's how you good and if you have watched my so this business is categorized as a local service business that means it serves locally you know within a certain radius maybe a couple of cities nearby but you can't really travel that far right so so what you have to so I do have a whole video of how to promote a local service business it's really good it explains how to do it online offline there is techniques and I'm just going to really quickly run through them and if you want a more elaborate version of this then you try to watch that video on my channel it's great it's going to help you so there's offline and offline right so for offline what you really want to do is build a referral network and that's both a referral network from past customers whom you tell that if they refer you to someone you know you'll get it they'll get a discount and that person will get a discount and the thing to do here really is the template when somebody uses a service like this they may have a need for it in the future and if you did a good job it's going to be very likely that they will call you so what you want to do is you want to give a discount at first so that that you aren't bored that person you know you you do the first job and then as long as you don't as long as you provide a good service they'll keep on bringing you back so the first job the first getting the first job is very important with them so you feel free to give discounts to people who recommend you for people who are recommended if you don't have a big base of initial customers what you can do is get referrals from professional you can get professional referrals and professional referrals you know they can be from people but people who have businesses similar to you so if you provide a home improvement business or handyman business or something like that maybe people the same people who use other services for their homes like a cleaning business or a roofing business or something like that right they may ask them hey do you know anyone who can do some basic home-improvement stuff right for handyman things or something like that and they may recommend you and in turn you will recommend them so you kind of create this whole cycle of recommendation and all you guys grow clients and of course to incentivize people to recommend you you can also give a commission and it's great because you know you just got a client right – so you have money – from which to give a commission from and that just gives incentive to people to recommend you more and more and more and you'll have more money so so that's a no-brainer on most um sometimes door-to-door sales actually work for this business especially if the kind of services that you can provide our like external to the home so that you can actually see which homes may need these kind of services like if they have an aging paint job or something is broken or something else so you can knock on the door say I can fix this and then people actually who use my apps they actually have reported that this way of marketing works if it's been working for people so and that's actually from real practice they didn't just think like oh maybe this will work they actually are trying and doing it and they told me that it works so that's the offline you also want to be very active in your local you know Chamber of Commerce community in your local business community because you can learn a lot from other business owners who are similar in in similar niches and that's actually where you may might make contact for people to recommend you and you recommend them so you want to be very active in your local community of business small businesses for online to get this business online online keep in mind that people are when they this is the kind of service that people need and when they needed they search for it so what you want to do is you want to dominate search and it's simpler then it's not simple but it's simpler than it sounds so certainly you want to have a website I have a tutorial for how to create your website pretty simply but effectively so I'll have a link to that in the description of this video on YouTube so that that's not that does not get found so once you have a website you can raise begin ranking in Google you should also list your services and things like Yelp comm thumbtack comm Angie's List comm those are all local service website they list local businesses which you are one of those and they're very good because many people search those sites in addition listings from those sites sometimes appear in Google itself so instead of just being having one listing on Google you'll have to also Google has such a thing as Google Places or Google Local and that's a way you should definitely make an account there and that's a way to get when people come up when people search for business and the map comes up in Google search results you can be next to that map that will allow you to be next to that map and it's really good to be nice to that map because that map is always very high on the search results you know it's always the first second or third thing and I mean it has a very things on it has to have a very high click-through rate so you certainly want to do that so now you have up to three these things are where you you know you can be in Google and this can go on you know there's other things you can do but this is basically how you promote this kind of a business effectively and also of course you want and all those sites you want to have good reviews and things like that and that stems from you provide any good service which we're assuming that you will and that's kind of how you would grow this business and what you want to do is become good at ranking in search online having your website's or it being kind of hands-on I know it's gonna be my dick tight you never had a website it might take some time you know to figure it out but you must because once you figure that stuff out how to rank and Google how to rank and Yelp you'll get a lot of clients from it and most importantly you'll figure out how to jump over your competitors and if you're the number one side that comes up I mean you'll get all that you'll get all the business right and that's going to be your job is to be the top number one site and I have on this YouTube channel I have a bunch of tutorials for all of this and on my mobile apps I have also a bunch of tutorials for all this so there's no excuse not to i really explained how to do all this kind of stuff and on my mobile apps you can actually ask me questions so if there's something you're not sure about or some piece of process where you're stuck actually you're able to ask me questions so that's it um that's kind of what I wanted to suggest here about how to plan and start this business ah yeah please subscribe to my channel I give a lot of business advice here and of course if you are looking to start a business and you're looking to learn how to plan and promote your business I get into detail about these things on my mobile apps and they're available they help the apps cover business ideas business planning marketing and fundraising and they're available on iOS Android Kindle and you and available on problem eurocom so if you just search for problem EUCOM or just search for problem you in any of the app stores iOS Android Kindle you'll find the apps and of course I'll have the links to everything in the description of the video thanks for watching guys and I'll see you my next video bye you

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